Sunday, February 17, 2013

All the blocks are done!

I have finished all the blocks for Cabin in the Pines.  The only applique left is that on the four cornerstones.  Then I'll finish sewing the top together and add it to the collection of finished tops hanging in the longarm room closet.  I'm looking forward to that.  Much as I enjoy her designes, I'm ready to move on to something different from Jan Patek.

So what will I work on next?  I think I'm ready for some machine stitching.  I think I'll break out the CD for the Civil War Diaries quilt and resume piecing.  I have 43 of the 121 blocks already pieced.  I love doing these little blocks! 


McIrish Annie said...

The nice thing about having lots of projects is that you can switch to something else when your interest in one wanes. Love Cabin in the pines!

Carol said...

Blocks are looking wonderful! Welcome back!