Monday, February 25, 2013

Beware if you make this quilt

The foundation for the last block in row 1 is also incorrect.  The block has 5 bars in each quarter-section; the foundation shows 6 bars.  Luckily I noticed shortly after I began sewing this one.  So I measured the book pattern and cut the strips as closely as I could to that measurement.  I'm sure glad I noticed the error!

Greenfield and Stockton

Rachel's Frustration

The first row of blocks is finished!  When I worked on blocks before, I just jumped around the book, at the same time making blocks from Civil War Love Letters.  I want to start sewing it together, so now I'm focusing on finishing each row.  I need that sashing fabric soon!

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jelly andrews said...

Wow! Cool! I love the prints. Thanks for sharing.