Monday, February 25, 2013


Socks are what caused my two-year detour away from quilting.  Specifically, hand knitted socks.  If you've never had the luxury of wearing a pair of hand knitted socks then you have no idea what you are missing.  I'll never go back to store-bought socks again.  These hug my feet like a second skin, are cozy warm, and fit perfectly.  There are literally thousands of sock patterns available, from simple "Plain Vanilla" to fancy lace, colorwork and fair isle, cables and twisted stitches and more.  I always have a pair of socks on my needles - right now I have 12 pair!

Of course, having beautiful socks necessitated buying new shoes.  Shoes a bit bigger to make room for cushy socks.  Shoes that leave some of the foot bare so the socks show.  I'm even thinking about making myself some long jumper dresses so the socks show below the hem!

I've decided to include a sock a day here on my blog, which should inspire me to get back to those 12 pair on my needles!

Today's socks, which I call "Blue Lagoon", were designed by my knitting friend Betsy McCarthy.  Her sock book, both the old and new edition, are two of the many sock books in my library.  This design, which she calls "Peaks and Valleys" is a simple two row ribbed lace pattern that I've done several times.  The yarn is ONline Supersock 100.

My user name on Ravelry is "hardenbrookgirl".  How many of you knit?  How many have knitted socks?  They are SO much fun to make - and quick!


Anonymous said...

I too am a quilter/knitter, and I love making socks too. I need to branch out and make some sweaters soon, and stop being chicken. I did just cast on a sleeveless button up vest. But I always come back to socks because of the instant gratification and the cute sock yarn! I am working on a pair now from yarn I have had for probably 5 years, I am about halfway down the second one. I will go look you up on Ravelry right now! I am Bethy on there myself.

Maureen said...

I am a quilter, and I knit a little, but have never tried socks. Maybe you can encoourage me to try.
Thank you!

cityquilter grace said...

i quilt and my mom knits; have several pair hand knit socks and they are soooo nice! and thanks for the info/photos on civil war diary..i have started this but...appreciate the tips too!

sewkalico said...

I am not a good knitter so I can't imagine that they would be quick for me, but they are gorgeous!

jelly andrews said...

Oh! You really did a good job on those socks. It is so cool. I wish I know how to knit.

Linda J said...

I knit but not socks---I learned when I was 11-12 years old. Love doing aran type sweaters but hate sewing the stuff together--would rather just knit, LOL. I have been making little watch caps lately to help out a friend who gives them to school kids in need in her area.