Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another Diary block

This one is appropriately called "Anxieties".  At times I felt quite anxious while piecing this.  The narrow stripes are only 1/4"!  I can't imagine trying to do this any way other than foundation piecing.  Even that was a long, tedious affair.  But I love the block - it is a very cool block!  My corner triangles were a bit skimpy, but there is still plenty of seam allowance for sewing the blocks together.

I was disappointed when finished, however, to discover that the foundation did not match the block in the original quilt.  One of the things I love about the blocks in this quilt is the way they continually surprise.  Part will be turned a different way than one expects.  This block is regular - everything turned just so.  But look at the block in the book - it is not regular at all.  If I'd noticed this before sewing on the red triangles I could have adjusted things, but I trusted that the foundation was correct.  I wish my block looked like the one in the book.  But not enough that I'm going to do it over again.

I've started thinking about what I might use for the sashing in this quilt.  The original used a plain off-white for all the light in the blocks as well as sashing.  I've used shirtings throughout - I really love the look of shirtings.  I don't have enough of any one shirting fabric to use for sashing.  Looks like I'll need a trip to the quilt shop with my blocks to find a shirting that makes the blocks sing.


Carol said...

WOW! What an awesome block!

Kathie said...

great block , I have to admit I no longer trust patterns in books I always check twice before I start cutting and when doing paper pieced blocks I always measure my pattern that comes out of the printer to the block in the book.
can you tell I have run into wrong directions and patterns in the past !
I don't think I would do it over again either, or at least wait a few weeks and see if it still bothers you then take the time and make another one

The Calico Cat said...

Maybe the coloration in the book is an error? I prefer your block.

Kindred Quilts said...

I prefer the symetrics of your block over the one in the book. Interesting block!