Sunday, December 21, 2008

We are so blessed . . .

More than ever the focus of the season needs to be on giving.

I usually indulge in a frenzy of grocery shopping this time of year - not sure why since I need to cook only one holiday meal now instead of three or four. I guess it's become a habit. I make sure I have fresh yeast, butter, sugar, flour and cinnamon because I need to bake several batches of my cinnamon rolls. (For the recipe and photo instructions click
here and here.)

Because of our dire weather predictions I really stocked up this year. The refrigerator is absolutely stuffed. After shopping earlier in the week I reorganized it and cleaned it out. I think I know where everything is - at least I hope I do! I wonder where I'll put the turkey to thaw come tomorrow? Our weather is certainly cold enough, so I can probably put the ham in the garage. The pantry overflows also - at least it did until I removed a couple cans yesterday. (This pantry is one of my favorite things about our past kitchen remodel - I just couldn't resist posting all the pictures.) And this doesn't even include the deep cupboard on top which holds - among many other things - the 18 boxes of Wheat Chex that Fred bought as they always have a great sale on this, his favorite cereal, every December. This is more or less organized - though it seems I can never find what I want without looking behind both sides of the swinging center section.

The freezer is absolutely stuffed too, as is the freezer on the refrigerator. And it desperately needs organization too - I don't know what's all in here or where it is. A job for right after Christmas. With our weather so cold I don't have to worry about things thawing - I'll just have to bundle up with coat, hat and gloves!

With so many people suffering from job layoffs, unemployment, and our struggling economy, I feel so blessed that I don't have to worry about feeding my family. I dig deeper than usual every time I pass a Salvation Army bell ringer or am asked to donate to a food drive. There are so very many people suffering. Christmas is all about giving - we worked so hard to teach our children that as they were growing up. I pray that times will get better soon, and all those doing without will find relief.

1. A secure job for Fred and a good pension for me
2. Good jobs for both our kids
3. The beautiful world I see out the window
4. Christmas music - all our favorites - ring out all day from the stereo

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Ulbins said...

Maybe you need to eat out less so that you can use up some of your food stash... then again, that would mean we never see you! Forget that!

Your pantry is a wonderful set up. I am jealous, as our apartment has very little in the way of food storage space.

Stay safe out there. This weather is bizarre for sure.