Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not much quilting this week

It's been another Joseph week - and at 20 months he's a ton of fun to watch but he really doesn't give me a chance to sew while I'm with him. My eyes haven't been up to appliqué so all I really wanted to do when I had the chance was some mindless machine sewing.

Remember those 2" squares? (If you've not read the story of why I have hundreds and hundreds of 2" squares to use up, there are three links at the bottom of this post that tell the story..) I've been sewing lights and darks into pairs as my leader-ender project - and the drawer of squares seemed bottomless. Doing something with them seemed like the perfect project for a couple hours of mindless sewing last night. So I dumped out the bin where I'd been putting the pairs, and was amazed at how much I've accomplished. I'd even sewn together lots of strips of 6 squares, and sewn enough of those together to make five blocks. I dug some OLD darks and lights from my stash - the light is a pin dot from the 80's! - and started framing the large squares, turning them into modified churn dash blocks. I got the idea from one of Judy's Hour-a-Day quilts - thanks Judy! I really like how this is looking. I'm hoping to have time this weekend to finish the quilt top - it will be just perfect for charity.

My weight loss report isn't that great this week - too much holiday I guess. Up one pound. It could have been lots worse!


Kathie said...

what a great idea!
oh yes I have a box of 1 1/2" squares that I have been making postage stamp blocks 10 x 10 with. Amazes me I use 100 squares for one block and it doesn't look like i took one out of the box even though I made 8 blocks already!!!!
Well I hope you have the next week off from babysitting so you can catch up on your sewing.

Cascade Lily said...

What a great use for all those 'little bits'!

And a huge congrats on your weight loss journey Patti. You are doing so well :)

Carole said...

What a wonderful idea! Can I send you my scraps? lol I am so not a scrap user. I cleaned out my bin and it's no longer overflowing. I think I was a tad too anal about fabric. Got rid of the 1.5 inch and less fabrics. I'm using them for filling in dog/cat beds. A new thing with my guild. Keep well!

Teresa said...

Gosh, that is a very attractive block.

Linda Caldwell said...

Great idea! and what a lovely block! I'm also enchanted by your Civil War Quilt that Eileen Trestain is teaching/leading you. Are you doing this as a block of the month with her? Is she selling her patterns on-line? I knew her many years ago when she lived in Plano, TX and was a member of the Plano Guild. This quilt is lovely and I certainly would like to do it too. Would you be willing to put me in touch with her. Thanks so much. Linda Caldwell

sewkalico said...

I always love to read about your projects. I have 2 little ones so always smile when you say that you don't get much done with Joseph around. I know the feeling. They grow up so quickly that you want to enjoy every minute, but you always need a few minutes to sew. Mindless sewing is definitely the answer :-) and I love scrappy projects too.