Sunday, December 21, 2008

Catching up - thanks to the snow!

Not only am I behind with my blog reading, I'm also way behind with my posting. Hopefully that will change today. I have a bunch of posts in my head and a bunch of photos waiting in a folder called "temporary", where I store photos for the blog until I use them in posts. Lots easier than trying to remember which folders I put them all into. (I learned not to end a sentence with a preposition - I bet you did too - but I don't seem to care any more. Do you?)

It snowed all day yesterday from early morning to late evening. I walked to Starbucks again to meet Kim - I've been eating so much I needed to build up exercise points LOL! (Right now I've used my extra points for the week with three more days to go, plus the 11 exercise points I earned, and I'm two points in the red. Not a good way to lose weight - but at least I'm back to tracking!) When I returned I finished the rest of the Christmas decorating and then plunked myself on the couch to read blogs and watch the snow. What a pleasant way to spend a beautiful afternoon and evening! Fred measured for the last time a little after 9:00 p.m. -we had nine inches then. We had some freezing rain in the night, and now there is a crust of ice on top of the 9" of snow. We aren't going ANYWHERE today!

This is the most snow we've had in 5 years come January - could you hear me squealing and happy dancing? I'm sure you are sick of hearing about the weather but I can't resist - I adore snow and see it so seldom.

So I promise not to mention it again. I'll really try not too! But I can't resist posting a few more pictures, including some cute grandkid pics!


Kathie said...

Oh I am so happy for you that you will have a white Christmas this year.
ADorable picture of him trying to catch the snowflakes! Oh and where are her gloves, adorable purple snow outfit though!
Baby looks cute too!!!!
How did they like the snow?
good for you walking to Starbucks...

Gretchen said...

Love the snow photos! Enjoy catching up on blogs and quilting:)