Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yum yum! Part 2

The dough has risen twice so I've punched it down and rolled it out. If you want BIG rolls then make the rectangle narrower in width.
I melt a whole cube of butter - these are NOT diet rolls - to spread on the dough.

Add lots of granulated sugar. Does anyone else still have ancient Tupperware like mine - or any avocado colored kitchen utensils LOL?

Sprinkle lots of good quality cinnamon over the butter and sugar.

Sometimes I add raisins - dark or golden - or currents. This time I'm trying pecans - I've not done that before. Sure wish I'd chopped the pecans BEFORE I put the pastry cloth and dough on the breadboard!

Carefully roll up the dough.

Slice and put the slices in the pan. If you want bigger rolls (see above) make your slices much fatter. My pans were made many years ago by my father - a very skilled sheet metal mechanic - for my mother. Thirty-two slices fit exactly so I shape and cut the dough accordingly. When all are sliced and in the pan they are ready now for one last rising. A warm place is needed for that. At our house I've found the best place is on the counter in the bathroom - just turn the heat up to 80 and close the door. Fred hates that I use more electricity to do this but he likes the rolls too much to complain.


Mary L. said...

Look wonderful. I use brown sugar in mine and mine raise overnight on the counter, then bake in the morning. They only have a small amount of yeast, so the long rise works beautifully.

Libby said...

I used to have the yellow Tupperware cannister set *s*
I bet your house just smells heavenly when you are baking these.

Becky said...

I love that the metal sheet you used was made by your Father and your mother used it. My dad liked to engrave names in metal pots, pans, buckets. One of my big gumbo pots has my mother's name engraved on it. He even engraved her metal mop bucket :)

Merry, merry Christmas!