Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome To Quilter Blogs

If you are like me you already read so many quilting blogs that it's almost impossible to keep up and still have time to sew. Nevertheless, I'm always looking for new blogs - one never knows when a newly discovered blog will fast become a favorite.
Here is another great source of quilting blogs. Over 100 blogs are listed What's even nicer is that on this site one can see highlights of many posts on many different blogs. If you'd like them to include your blog just send them an email with your blog URL.

Thanks, Kathie, for bringing this site to our attention!


Betweens said...

Hi Patti.. thanks for letting us know I too cannot get enough of what everyone is doing/what techniques they are using/what inspiries the quilters of today. Once I have started with blogging I am hooked and love to read all about them..I have to set times on when I am able to sit or I would get nothing done.
BTW I just love what you did with your postage stamps bordering them with the churndash boarder. I would love to do that myself with the scrap barrell I have of scraps. I hope it will take a bite of it... excellent ideas for tiny blocks.. excellent and precise piecing too..

Teresa said...

Ohhhhh pink and yellow, I just love that quilt!

Idaho Quilter said...

I know the feeling so many wonderful blogs to read, thanks for the tip I'll see if I can add my blog. I just don't get around often enough to say Hello, and I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas