Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My hero!

Fred's not normally the wuss - he works out diligently 3-4 days a week and I sit on my butt - but he's stayed inside since the snow began, other than a couple trips to the mailbox and I'm the one that's traipsing around and having a ball. So I was surprised when he said he was going out to shovel snow. And we don't even have a proper snow shovel. He wanted to be sure UPS or the mail carrier could get to the door with packages. (How did he know I have fabric coming today or tomorrow? He doesn't know I went a bit nuts ordering but it will probably be hard to hide it when it arrives since he's out of school LOL!) He came in for awhile - I thought he was finished - but he's back out there again. I've been whining about running out of toilet paper but he's working on the walk to the front door - that's not going to help us get to the Costco!

I talked to Rick this morning and he said he made it to Fred Meyer successfully yesterday, and that the CRV drove beautifully in this stuff. Good to hear as we need to venture the mile and a half to Costco very soon - we have only 6 rolls left! I can make do if we run out of many things but not that!

Tangled Threads is supposed to meet today at Kathi's, but she emailed all of us this morning and said we east town girls shouldn't try coming over to their side of town. She and Ted drove around their neighborhood and slid even with 4-wheel drive and slow speed.
Only two more sleeps until Christmas!


Kathie said...

what a guy!
YES stay home hopefully she will reschedule for another night?
Does costco deliver?

Sweet P said...

He looks like he is having fun! Next time you should send him to me and I'll put him to work.

Sorry to read about your cinnamon rolls. They look sooooooo yummy!