Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's finally looking like Christmas!

I don't ever remember being so late with my Christmas decorating. I finally finished the tree when I got back from Starbucks yesterday. We've been collecting ornaments for 40 years now - and have literally hundreds of them. Fred always says I don't need to put them all on the tree - I disagree! It just doesn't look right to me without them. This time there are even more on the big tree, because I didn't set up the smaller tree in the family room. I'm seldom in there - too busy sewing - and Fred doesn't care. I set aside about 2 dozen ornaments this year - things like the plastic M&M ornaments that came on the top of tubes of M&M's in stockings. I set aside a few I made - duplicates of some that are already on the tree. I've done this the last couple years - I'll let the kids look through them on Christmas to take what they want. Other than the ones I made, these are decorations that mean more to them than to us. Whatever is left will go to Goodwill - but it's just a drop in the bucket! I've not bought a single ornament this year - I can't remember the last time that happened. Oh well - there are still a couple days left to shop - if our roads clear!

Our big tree in the living room. If you'd like see and read about some of the ornaments go to this post and this one.

I did things a bit differently to the fireplace this year. I tucked an old garland at the back of the mantel, and hung the Merry Christmas needlepoint above. (It was above the piano in prior years.) Now that I see this picture I realize the needlepoint needs to be moved up a bit, but I've not gotten around to find a hammer. I just hung it on the hooks for the smaller picture that usually hangs there.

I hung the stockings differently this year also. I'm not at all sure I like them with the quilt behind them. I still need to get out a few bears and dolls for the bench.

Here is what they looked like last year. What do you think? Should the quilt go back onto the dining room table where it has always been before?

I didn't want to struggle putting the big garland over the archway to the dining room so I put it above the window instead. It wasn't any easier - it still fell down at least a dozen times while I was trying to "fluff" it. You an see the little feather tree that sits on the treadle machine too. It has more ornaments on it too, for the same reason.

I got a great deal on a table arrangement at Fred Meyer. This is the first time this table cloth has been used since the table quilt was finished. I think it's seen better days - I think it needs to be retired. Just in time for after-Christmas sales!

I wanted Christmas dishes for so long - and started collecting them once the kids graduated from college and Pfaltzgraff came out with this pattern. I call them my "winter dishes" and we use them until Valentine's Day. Don't really go with the blue kitchen do they? They usually come out the weekend after Thanksgiving - boy, am I late getting my act together this year!

I finished this table runner in January this year - one of my first UFO finishes. The blocks were made in 1992! I think it looks great on the coffee table. The sleigh looks a little lonely though - I think I need to put some greenery, etc. around it. And I need to make a couple little bears to sit with the big one. I used to sell these in two sizes - made hundreds of the little ones from beautiful wool coating fabric and sold them for $7.50 each - but over the years I've given away every last one of the little ones. One of these days, when I'm tired of making quilts . . . I still have lots of coating fabric in the attic . . . . You can see one of the newly finished pillows from UFO blocks on the couch.

Wishing all of you and yours a marvelously happy and healthy holiday season!


Cher said...

with as bad as the weather is- plenty of time to do a bit more decorating!
a very happy holiday to you and your family Patti.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh your tree is GORGEOUS! And I"m so happy to see the candy canes on it. I always put candy canes on ours! And I LOVE the xmas 9-patch. I vote for leaving it behind the stockings. I like it better with the quilt behind them!

Tazzie said...

I'm with you Patty, I love to have as many decorations on the tree as possible. Your tree looks lovely, and your stockings are just darling.
Be sure to have a wonderful Christmas.

Ulbins said...

Pati, your decorations our gorgeous! Almost as nice as the Halloween ones :0)

I did zoom in to see the quilt shop ornament. Had to make sure it made it on the tree!

I particularly love the garland framing the window. Looks breathtaking when you have that snowy, wintery scene to peer at!

Tanya said...

Wow! Someone ought to enter you in a Christmas decorating contest! Or feature you in a December issue of a magazine! Wish I was sitting there having eggnog or something!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love all your decorations. I do like the stockings with the quilt out of there. But.....I love that quilt. It's soooo cool. I may have to make one of those. Are those tiny little 9 patches??

quiltmom said...

Everything is beautiful Patti- so festive and inviting to all who will enjoy your company over the holiday season.

Our tree will be eclectic and filled with only 30 years of decorations LOL We will put most of them up except the ones that are looking tired. I had a couple of decorations given to me so they will be added to the tree and the ever growing collection.

Enjoy some wonderful times with your family and friends.

Julie said...

I really enjoyed looking at all your Christmas decorations. Everything looks so good!

Feather on a Wire said...

And I thought I was the only one who put loads and loads on the tree.
In a determined effort to cut down three giant bags went to decorate the local Women's Refuge. And we still have more than most...... sigh...

Helen in the UK said...

Loved seeing all your xmas decorations, esp the quilty ones.
Merry Christmas :)