Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Weight loss journey - 2008 review

Last week our Weight Watchers meeting was cancelled due to the snow, it had been two weeks since my last weigh-in. Since I wasn't a very good girl during the holidays, and my weight had been increasing a little the two weeks before that, I figured the scale would not be nice to me this morning. What a happy surprise to find I'd lost 1.4 pounds, and now weight the least I've weighed it four or five years! I guess walking those three miles through the snow to Starbucks five times in the last 10 days really made a difference.

So - since July 2nd I've lost 26 pounds. Though I wanted to be closer to goal by the end of the year I am happy with what I've achieved.

This morning I resolved to really get back on track and continue the new trend during weigh-ins. Here are my 2009 goals:

1. Achieve my weight loss goal and lifetime Weight Watcher membership. I have between 18 and 20 more pounds to lose.

2. Focus more on eating healthy, with lots more fruits and vegetables included every day.

3. Drink my daily allowance of WATER - coffee counts for WW now but I'd rather it be water.

4. Move more - aiming for 10,000 steps per day. I bought a WW pedometer at the meeting this morning - I'll have Fred measure my stride this afternoon so I can program it to my specifics. I'll start wearing it tomorrow.

5. Do better when it comes to planning meals, choosing at least three or four new recipes out of my many WW cookbooks to try each week.

Since this is my health, these goals are more important than the quilting goals - if I could find a place outside my sewing room to put my ironing board permanently I bet I could increase that daily step total much more easily! At least longarming should help the numbers!


Anne said...

You've inspired me to set the exact same goals. I gained 1.8 yesterday after not having gone to the meetings in 3 weeks. Don't want to make that a trend. Still under goal, but inching up and that's not good! Good work and keep it up!

GARI said...

Your WW goals are great. I am 5.5# from goal with a loss of 48.5# and have really worked to remember this is a lifestyle change not a diet: I preach this to myself every day. Keep up the good work.

Gabriele - Fadentante said...

Congratulations, you've lost 26 pounds. You have inspired me. Now I want to try the same in 2009.


Mary L. said...

Conratulations on the weight loss! Wow! Wish I could lose that much.

Tine said...

I love your attitude!! So many people would give up when they have a small setback, but not you! You've got attitude and resolve, and that is why you will get there!! I have no doubt!
you have come so far already :) Very well done, this is not easy!!

Maggie A said...

Good for you. I'm starting WW in the NY.....but I've managed to lose a couple of pounds over Christmas. Keep going and you will get there, you have done really well. Congratulations.

Carrie P. said...

Congratulations on your weight loss so far. Some times it is so hard but you can do and owning a pedometer will really help you to see how many steps you actually take. You go girl!!

Beth said...

Congrats! I'm thinking of joining WW again after the first of the year, it's really the only one that works.

Candace said...

Congratulations, Patti! You are an inspiration to many - not just in your WW success, but in your quilting as well! Happy New Year!

Lynda said...

Well done on your weight loss - it's so hard not to see the pounds creep on as we get older (myself an example of that!) Reversing that trend and making it a lifestyle choice is the hardest thing of all. Happy New Year!

Helen in the UK said...

I'm right with you on the healthy eating/weight loss goals. I lost about 40 pounds with WW several years ago, but I have to constantly monitor that I don't slip back into bad habits. I have about 10 pounds to lose after xmas - mostly due to chocolate and cake consumption over the last 3-4 months!!! Good luck with your goals :)

sewkalico said...

Congratulations on this achievement Patti! It is quite something to keep up the momentum and you have done well. I hope the New Year brings health, happiness and more success at your goals xka