Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry, but I'm breaking my promise!

I know - I promised I wouldn't talk about the weather - but I just can't help it! When it comes to snow I'm just a child at heart. This is only the third time in 34 years that we've had snow like this. Usually when we have any at all it's about two or three inches followed by freezing rain. All I want to do is sit and look at it, and walk in it, and run in it, and catch snowflakes with my tongue. I'm going to make a snow angel this afternoon and have Fred take my picture!

We now have over 10". I walked to Starbucks
again this morning - a great workout. The only place to walk was on the street - the snow beside the road was knee deep and hard to walk in because there is a layer of ice with snow on top and below. Sometimes I broke through and sometimes I didn't - that plays havoc with balance!

I did fall once - when I plowed through to the side of the overpass so I could take this picture for the blog - of course! I was too close to the freeway sign - it filled a bunch of the screen so I stepped backwards so I could move the the right. Picture this now - my right foot broke through the ice so I'm stuck to my knee, while the left foot is on top of the ice and about 10" higher. Sat right down on my fanny and couldn't get up. Managed to turn over but couldn't get to my knees because one was way higher than the other. Of course by now I'm laughing hysterically trying to stand up. Must have been quite an amusing picture for the few cars that went by! Finally managed to get to my feet but it took a few minutes.

Here is a picture of the surface of one of the major north-south aterials - and this is after the snow plow has been through a few times! All the roads looked like this - or worse. The freeway wasn't much better. Only a little traffic out and about. Good thing - the only place to walk was in the street - everywhere else the snow was just WAY too deep.

The coffee was so good it was really worth it. Figured I got enough of a workout I had a Venti 2% Peppermint Mocha Twist - probably half my daily points allowance. Oh well - I don't think we'll get to WW on Christmas Eve morning to weigh in anyway! When I got home I decided to make a snow angel - would you believe I've never done that? Fred thought it was extremely silly and stupid but I didn't care. And here I thought I was smiling - I guess I was just too cold! - and once again had to struggle to stand up, even with Fred's help LOL! You can tell how excited he was to have his picture taken!

More snow pictures - I just can't help myself. I love, love, love this! Though it's certainly playing havoc with travelers - the airport has been closed for 3 days now and hundreds of people are stranded. We may very well be celebrating Christmas with our kids sometime later in the week.


Sharon said...

Oh Patti, it looks just like that up here! I have snow pictures on my blog too. It's exciting and fun, but also a little worrisome at times. Good thing I had just bought a winter coat! But I'm not brave enough to make a snow angel...yours looks good! Good for you! Have a Merry Christmas!

Kathie said...

your too funny!
I knew you would be so happy with all that snow!
What is joseph doing kissing the snow?
Can't believe you walked in that to starbucks by yourself???

Paula said...

Great story!!! I laughed out loud and read it to my hubby! Thanks for the sacrifice to take the great pics!!!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

What a wonderful snowfall for you and I am glad you are enjoying it! Very pretty :o) Great snow angel, lol!

Kay said...

Never apologize for posting with an exciting weather event like this! We're having fun, staying safe and warm (so far) and it's nice when we don't have to go anywhere. I feel sorry for the people at the airport.

Hmmm ... your Starbuck's sound yummy - I may have to make a trek to the bottom of our hill to get a coffee tomorrow morning.

Pam said...

Having this much snow is just too much fun NOT to post about it!! It is so rare. We have had a big dump of snow here as well and it is not going anywhere at this time - and more is expected.

Have a fun and snowy Christmas!!!

Maggie A said...

Oh, how wonderful. One day I'm going somewhere and having a White Christmas......where I am everyone jumped into the swimming pool today.

Libby said...

Oh, I'd be right out there with you playing in the snow. We could make a snowman *s*
My snow experiences are so limited it's beyond silly. This year I got a snowflake painted on with my pedicure . . . . it's as close as I'm going to get.
Have fun and throw a snowball for me.