Sunday, November 30, 2008

Reports of various kinds

Let's see . . . what should I report on first? How about my weight loss report - seeing it should have been on Wednesday. This last week was good, though I'm not sure how LOL! I lost two pounds, for a total loss of 25.8 pounds. I received my "Circle of Success" at Weight Watchers - which actually looks like a washer - to put on my 10% loss key chain. This is my first significant loss in the last few weeks - hopefully I'm moving off that plateau I've been on.

Seeing as it's Sunday, I guess the stashbusting report should come next. As usual it's pretty sketchy as I don't take the time to do any measuring of what I've used. I did purchase 26 fat quarters - I just couldn't resist the new Sturbridge Village line. I ordered it last week but didn't count it then as it hadn't arrived yet. As to how much I've used - I'm guessing a bunch of yards - certainly more than I bought. So I'm calling it a net loss and leaving it at that.

So what did I do to use up yardage? Well, I decided I felt more like doing more applique prep than actual applique. So I prepared an additional 38 blocks for my Civil War applique quilt. This includes every applique block we've received. I also cut out squares for the rest of the blocks as well as setting triangles for the entire quilt. I'm sure I used at least three or four yards of background fabric, as well as at least a couple yards of reproduction prints. While I was working with the background I decided I might as well cut more blocks for the mid-century Album quilt - that used at least another couple yards of background. I certainly won't lack for applique projects for some time to come.

Friday I felt like doing some quilting, so I loaded the blog block exchange top onto Gandalf and had it quilted by noon. Next I loaded the Civil War sampler top I pieced some time ago when I participated in a $5 monthly block program at Cottons in Battle Ground before it closed. Hopefully I'll get them bound this week so I can mark two more off my list.

By the time I finished picking up around the house today and doing five loads of laundry I decided I was too tired to put away the Thanksgiving and fall decorations. That is now on the list for tomorrow after I get home from watching Joseph. Fred put up our outside lights today - hopefully I will get the rest of the house ready for Christmas by next weekend. I hate putting away the fall things because I love how the house looks all decked out - thank goodness I'm even more eager to get out the Christmas stuff!

1. A great Thanksgiving dinner with friends
2. A wonderful visit with our granddaughters and their parents
3. Neighborhoods full of twinkling colored lights
4. Clean, sweet smelling laundry


Kathie said...

oh love the blues in this new line.
I am soooo tempted to buy this line too
good for you setting up that many applique blocks for you to work on when you want.
maybe one today watching joseph?

congrats on the weight loss, you are doing amazing !
keep it up.

Teresa said...

What a productive weekend you have had. Its so nice when you have several different projects available so that you can do different things. Congrats on the weight loss - looking good!

Juliann in WA said...

Congrats on your weight loss. And how wonderful to get so much applique prep done. When you do get the urge to applique, you will be ready. I didn't get my Thanksgiving stuff taken down either. Maybe tonight.

Nicole said...

Congrats on your weight loss! I need to follow your good example.

Julie said...

You have been such a good girl!!

Finn said...

Hi Patti, hope your Thanksgiving was a lovely one. You are busier than ever I see, as always. You've gotten so much done this year, it's quite amazing and defintely inspirational! Hope you had a fun day with Joseph. Hugs, Finn

Miri said...

You are very inspiring-applique prep work is a bit of a pain...The Sturbridge fabrics are lovely.

Chocolate Cat said...

Wow you have been busy! Congratulations on your weight loss.