Tuesday, November 11, 2008

UFO Progress

What a difference retirement makes! I've been trying to get a handle on my UFO's since I started keeping them on a spreadsheet in 2003. For quite a few years I wasn't all that successful at reducing the number on the list because I started as many new projects as I finished - or even more that I finished. I gave a bunch away over the years which helped a bit, but every year the oldest ones never were touched much less finished.

I'm so happy with the progress I've made this year. Keeping the list on my sidebar and crossing them off as I finished has been a great way to motivate myself. All of the oldest UFO's are now finished tops. Other than the Autumn Around the Block the only UFO's left are applique quilts that I knew represented a long term commitment when I started them. I'm determined complete the Autumn Around the Block top by the end of the year, but the others will run into 2009. That's OK - I've met my goal of less than 10 on January 1.

Since so much of my quilting was packed into the car on Thursday night for Quilt Camp, I had to find something else to work on Friday morning. I dug out this old Girl Gang quilt from 2004. I kept up with the monthly installments just fine when the shop was open and I was attending meetings, but my progress came to a screeching halt when the shop closed. I'd cut out part of the Carolina Lily applique and then put everything away. Friday I pinned the finished blocks onto my design wall and finished prepping the Lily block. I should be able to make good progress now - I'm close to having all the center blocks done. It feels so good to be working on this quilt again!

Here is a UFO I should be able to finish quickly - and it's about time as its from the late 1970's! I made this friendship doll and her doll in a class, but she never got a dress. Don't you think it's about time I dressed her?

1. A great check-up for Joseph, who is ahead of the average developmentally.
2. Clean laundry still warm from the dryer
3. No weight gain from Quilt Camp!


Julie said...

Poor dolly, "nekkid" for all those years! :-D
I envy you the progress you are making on UFOs.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh poor naked dolly! Wait till you see the silly dollies I"m making for xmas gifts!

Laurie said...

I can't believe that pattern is that old! I have it somewhere; never did make the large doll but the small one was finished. Congratulations on your finished projects. I'll get there sometime...

Lily Boot said...

Oh Patti! I just love those baskets and those circles with the wee triangles! What are the circles called? They are bee-yoo-ti-ful. And do you find that when you are looking at an almost but not quite finished quilt, but you have some new fabric and an idea, you think, ah! I'll start the new one because I can finish it in a couple of days - and of course, rarely do!

Lissa Jane said...

oh you gotta make clothes for that poor nakey dolly.. she isn't even trying to cover her 'bits'..
I love your feather star and basket blocks too.. so sweet!

congrats on all the UFO finishes too.. I dont call them UFO when they are tops, they are SUTBFO (Saving Up To Be Finished Objects) cause I always am saving up for backing and batting.. LOL and quilting.. yikes..

Darlene said...

Oh Patti, I swear I'm going to go visit you one day - just to sit and be inspired by you. :-)

MOLLY said...

You are on a roll. I know how you fill about crossing stuff off the list. It is just the greatest feeling.

craftycherry said...

LOve your quilts. That doll looks too young to be that old!! Also had agreat read of your quilt camp, I absolutely LOVE the log cabin quilt you finished.
Very inspiring,
From Crafty cherry

sewkalico said...

Carolina Lily is one of my all time favourite blocks. I have just bought the Marti Mitchell pattern and hope to do it a bit differently.
Yes, you need to dress that poor little dolly!!