Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weight Loss Journey

I've forgotten to post my progress the last couple weeks. Really - I didn't do it on purpose - even though it wasn't all that great. Two weeks ago I was still feeling lousy from the cold so I was eating comfort foods. My weight had gone down a little because I wasn't eating much. By weigh in day it was back and more - up 1.4 pounds - ugh! Last week I was back to eating healthy - for the most part - but lost only .4 of that added weight.

This week I'm happy to report I'm down another 1.2 pounds. This puts me .2 pounds under where I was a couple weeks ago for a total loss of 24.2 pounds. Now if only I could get back to exercising I'm sure I'd do even better! Won't happen until next week at the earliest - not much exercising happens at Quilt Camp lol! I just hope I can manage to eat well - I sure hope the caterer has some healthy options at each meal!


Tine said...

Good for you that you didn't just give up! That takes such an enormous amount of strenght and determination. You go!!!

Kathie said...

you wil be back on track in no time...
keep going and stay focused!!!
I need some of your determination in this dept!


swooze said...

You are heading in the right direction. Tiny setbacks should not be a worry.

Anonymous said...

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