Monday, January 26, 2009

What comes next?

I've reached a VERY strange place in my quilting life. For the first time in over 15 years I have no UFO's that aren't at the finished (more or less) top stage. (I don't count the top I finished this weekend as I'm just waiting for it to tell me what the finishing touches should be.) I have no more sets of blocks with problems to solve. No more exchanges waiting to be put into a top. I must admit - this feels VERY odd!

So what comes next - other than heading upstairs to visit Gandalf and load the first of many tops needing to be quilted. I'm been thinking about this all morning. I have two things nagging at me - a huge bin of strings that I would so love to empty, and several drawers of scraps I've started working with. Both are pretty mindless, which is - I think! - what I need at the moment. I've put the completed hour glass blocks on the design wall and moved the rest of the hourglasses to a bin right by the machine. I've also put the current finished string blocks plus the telephone book pages cut to size and more into the drawer I've emptied in the island. The string bin is waiting for me to pull it closer to the machine and get to work. Right now I'm leaning toward the strings, as they are the most mindless of the two projects. I know I've emptied that bin a couple times - where do all these come from? They must be doing secret things in here in the dark when everyone is sleeping!

For today, anyway, I know it's time to head upstairs to load the first of the three charity tops. And then I'd better get hustling on the three waiting customer tops!

1. Gnarly bare branches against a clear blue sky
2. The first snowdrop of the year ready to burst into bloom
3. Daffodils beginning to poke through the soil


Barb said...

Alot of options for you today... Do the scrap bin when you are watching TV ..... have a great day....can't wait to see what all you accomplish.

Suze said...

I do hope I will arrive at that point one day...... Sooner rather than later.

swooze said...

Yes it took me a little to shift gears. Just wait til all the tops are quilted!

Tazzie said...

I am entirely convinced that scraps are sexy - they are definitely reproducing. I go into my sewing room in the morning, and I find things I've never even seen before! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Candace said...

OK, Patti - you've got me...what's with the telephone book pages?

Vicky said...

Wow, you floored me when you said you have no more UFOs!! I can't even imagine that! Those strings will keep you busy for sure!

Tanya said...

Your drawers and boxes look so organized! I know that you but really! I wish you would come to my house and sit and stare at me until I did something in my sewing room to make it more usable! I visited your blog earlier today and read this post and then went upstairs and ironed fabric for 20 minutes. Better than nothing.