Friday, January 23, 2009

All ready to sew!

I'm so excited - tomorrow I can finally start sewing in my "new" sewing room! This week was too packed with other things for me to have time to sew, but I have most all of tomorrow. Hooray!

This afternoon I covered the top of my new cabinet with a layer of Insulbrite, three layers of Warm and Natural, and a top layer of canvas. All set now to iron! I had to move it to get to the back - the first time I've used the casters. It is WAY too heavy to move easily - the fact that the casters have no brakes doesn't matter at all. I may need Fred's help to move it out into the hall if needed. Originally I was going to put a casing around the edge of the top layer, fit it with elastic, and make it removable. That's what several people advised me to do. When I came time to do so this afternoon I decided to follow my own instinct instead. So I just used the staple gun to tack it to the underside of the butcher block top. Yes, that will leave holes in the wood, but they won't be visible to anyone who isn't crawling around on the floor. Besides - this is what I bought it for. Years from now when I'm no longer able to sew I don't care if someone else wants to take the top of and doesn't like the tiny holes under the edges of the top.

Another thing that makes me happy is that I finally have a good place to display most of my pin cushions. I think they look great on the glass top of my two new chests. Each one makes me smile, as they either cause me to remember a special friend, or to remember a pleasant time when I made the pin cushion.

1. Continuing beautiful weather
2. A pleasant evening spent sewing with friends
3. Yummy recipes in a new WW cookbook


Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

The room looks great! You are so organized... I was admiring your shelves :o)

Darlene said...

Perfect, Patti! I'm glad you decided to staple the canvas to the underside of your table - won't shift when you're pressing.

And, your display of adorable pin cushions looks so sweet.

Enjoy your new digs! :-)

swooze said...

Very nice! So what's up first?

ratherbquilting said...

Looks great, Patti! If the pressing area starts to get dirty or stained, you can always do a removable slipcover top over it.

Suze said...

Great job. I also like the quilt on your design wall.

Vicki W said...

I built my ironing surface on top of cabinets on wheels too. I thought it would make it easy to move around. LOL! that sucker takes 2 people to move!

Idaho Quilter said...

congratulations again on your weight loss. If only our sewing at rooms would stay that organized. At least now you have photos of were everything is. I would need that to remember where I put things. lol

Libby said...

I would have chosen the staples, too. What a great and creative sewing space you've got. Can't wait to see what you stitch up next *s*

Jeanne said...

Happy days ahead in your new room! It looks terrific. Enjoy.

Cindy said...

What an absolute fun array of pincushions, just darling. Who doesn't love another pincushion?