Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank you Suellen!

I received an email today from Suellen Wassem who lives in Ohio. Suellen is the designer of what I call my Star in a Circle quilt. The pattern disappeared long ago in the early 90's when the quilt was on display for over a year at the quilt shop where I worked. By the time I discovered it was missing it was no longer possible to get the pattern. I knew it was Kindred Spirits pattern, but that's all I remembered. I was so happy to hear from Suellen as I always give credit to a pattern designer. Now I can give proper credit to her. I'm going to add her name to the posts in which I picture this quilt, as well as on my sidebar.

Thank you Suellen!


Kathie said...

still think this quilt needs tolive at my house!
is she still selling the pattern?

sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, Patti! Hey, trying to access your tutorials, but the links do not work..? Karen

maggi said...

So glad you were able to identify the designer as it is a lovely quilt

Kim W said...

Can you see if you can get the pattern from her? I sure am willing to pay for it if she is willing to sell it.