Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sharon's Challenge

Notice the new picture on the top of my sidebar? Better late than never I guess. As I'm finally having a chance to read blogs again I see I'm a bit late. I don't feel too badly, however, as I've been posting about my weight loss journey for some time now. Sharon has made Mondays the day for Loser posts, so I'll have to shift my thinking a bit - especially since Wednesday is my weigh-in day.

I'm hoping many, many of you decide to join us. Quilting is a pretty sedentary hobby - unless you set up your ironing board at the opposite end of the house from your sewing machine LOL! When I look around at guild meetings I see that at least 95% of quilters seem to be overweight, and many of those 95% are much too overweight. After all - we have to live a LONG time to finish all the quilts we want to make - so we need to do whatever we can to help us live a long, healthy life.


Julie said...

I signed up for the diet challenge too. I start next week, as the WW meeting was WAY too crowded this week and I went back home. LOL

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hey Patti!! I totally agree with you. There are too many gals over weight! And hopefully they will join us in this new adventure. I'm glad you decided to do it.

Quilt-Insel said...

Yes, your are really right. There are a lot of over weight quilters. I´m not to much over weight but for one year now, I try to loose the weight I have eaten on my hipse during my studies (That was befor I started quilting ;)). Because I want to do a looooooot of quilts ;)

Tine said...

The title "Loser posts" made me LOL! I must say, the only quilters I know, I know online. So I only know my quilter-friends from blogs, flickr, emails and chats.... I have no idea who weighs what, but I definately agree it is not a very highpowered workout to quilt ;)