Monday, January 5, 2009

January Goals

It's already January 5th - past time to set my goals for this month. Since I set pretty lofty goals for this year I want to set monthly goals to help me achieve them. So - without further ado - here's what I'd like to accomplish this month.

1. Appliqué both Peace on Earth and Dance of Angels and sew on the borders
2. Finish Emma's Quilt
3. Finish the two quilts that just need binding and labeling
4. Sew five Civil War Diaries blocks
5. Sew five Dear Jane blocks
6. Quilt, bind and label the postage stamp quilts and the double four patch.
7. Complete two blocks for the Girl Gang feathered star
8. Complete one block for Times Remembered

I have added both my monthly and yearly goals to my sidebar. I think I have my work cut out for me!


Screen Door said...

Take it one at a time--- Good luck and more than anything else--have fun....Happy New Year.

Carrie P. said...

I think you can do this list. Good luck and have fun.

Kathie said...

omgosh you have quite a list there
I didn't know you were going to do the star girl gang.
I have always wanted to do that one too

Lily Boot said...

my goodness Patti - you have been SO busy. And you are such a fierce organiser! I'm hopeless at defining goals and even worse at meeting them. Just throw a little goal-making this way thanks ;-) p.s. I've made some Civil War blocks this week - it was so fun getting them out after so long! There you go - I could write down 6 civil war blocks for the month and they are done!

craftycherry said...

Good start to the year. This year Im stash busting too, starting off with making some stocking ornies for this CHristmas with my mostly plaid scrap pile. Then Ill progress to some quilts. In January Im still so Christmas moody that I find it enjoyable to make some ornies for the next Christmas!! Love the plaid mini quilt too!!
Crafty Cherry

Tanya said...

I was just getting around to posting goals too and I came visiting. Hmm. Diet goals too huh. That might be scary. But you look SSOOOO good!
I'm having "fun" folding and ironing!