Friday, January 9, 2009

If only I'd been paying attention!

Since I don't have a picture appropriate to this post I decided it was time for an update on my granddaughters.

I've made another big change to my blog - but I doubt anyone noticed. I also doubt whether anyone else cares. I'm blogging about the chance only because there may be other bloggers who also weren't paying attention and would like to know what I discovered.

If you blog with Blogger, have you noticed the Reading List below your blog list on your Dashboard? Have you ever clicked on the "Blogger Buzz" tab? I never have until yesterday. That's when I discovered that I could import all posts and comments from one blog to another. I supposed I could have done this some time ago - if only I'd been paying attention.

So . . . I've combined my two Quilting Is My Passion blog into one. All the posts and comments for 2006 are now part of this blog. Just in case anyone is interested enough to read past posts that old - which you probably aren't. As I said - I'm probably the only person who cares LOL! Boy, it feels good to my "always organizing" persona! Now I need to fix the labels - I see there are some duplicates.


Tazzie said...

Being able to bring all the old posts across appeals to my sense of organisation too - How fun to be able to look back over your blogging history so easily.

paula, the quilter said...

This is actually a fairly new feature of blogger. I just read about it in a blog about blogging that I follow.

Rhonda said...

Like you, I rarely venture anywhere on the Dashboard but I have started to read the Buzz and tutorials......Finally......LOL......Take care.

Juliann in WA said...

Thanks for posting this - I had been contemplating moving some of my book stuff and now I can do it so easily!