Monday, January 26, 2009

The angels are dancing

As Joseph would say - "Wheeee!" I finished the appliqué on Angel Dance last night, and sewed on the borders this morning. I love how this turned out! And I love being able to cross another January goal off my list. I should have no problem finishing this in time to hang it over the piano for the coming Christmas season. This one is also destined to be big stitched - right now I'm thinking of doing an all over diamond grid. (This is a Linda Brannock design.)

I look at my January goals, and realize that I probably set my sights a little high. No matter - whatever isn't completed will move to the February list. Besides, I had a couple January goals that I forgot to list which were finished (more or less anyway) this weekend.

So - what's on tap for this week? Let's see . . . .

Today - walking to Starbucks, doing my business sales tax report, sewing whatever comes next
Tuesday - a Joseph day
Wednesday - Weight Watchers, turn of the century random sampler class
Thursday - another Joseph day
Friday - drive to the quilt show in Silverton, Oregon and visiting a few quilt shops on the way!

Guess it's going to be a busy week!


Screen Door said...

Sounds like someone is enjoying the heck out of retirement.... that job would have just gotten in the way!!!!

Cindy said...

I "happened" upon you through the Quilt bloggers and have to say I absolutely LOVE the angels dancing! Too, too cute. And, what darling fabrics you have chosen.

Libby said...

I just love that wall hanging. Maybe it will be done in time for Valentine's Day - the wings and bodies look like hearts . . . the perfect Valentine *s*

Denise said...

The dancing angels are very sweet. I could use some dancing angels around here. Where can I find the pattern? I really enjoy your blog. It's one of the few I read everyday. (If I read all of them everyday I'd never quilt! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Love this little quilt !

Sweet P said...

I love the quilt! The angels are adorable. I hope you enjoy your Joseph days.