Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stash report - Week 1

This week was a wash when it comes to stashbusting. I used 6 yards of fabric constructing the double four patch top. Even though the blocks were made last year I didn't count any of the fabric until the top was finished at the beginning of this week.

I also added six yards to my stash, though I paid for less than half that amount. I really wanted to do a BOM this year but couldn't find one that appealed to me. So I signed up for Jan Patek's mini quilt club instead. By doing this instead of buying the kits individually I saved 15%. I also received a bundle of 8 fat eights for free, as well as a bag full of nice, big scraps for free. I also bought a kit on sale for an angel quilt to make for over the piano next Christmas. That gave me a
second bundle of fat eights for free. Since both quilts are small I figure the kits include about 1 yard of fabric each.
Figuring another 2 yards for all the scraps, that totals 6 yards in.

So - nothing lost but nothing gained. That's OK for me!

1. Fragrant hot oatmeal for breakfast.
2. A refreshing walk to Starbucks
3. A happy afternoon spent with children and grandchildren


Lori in South Dakota said...

a walk to starbucks sounds great!

GRACE said...

gee patti, free fabric is ALWAYS good, I'd say.....LOL

Judy said...

I signed up for the same mini club and got my FAT 8th pack and the bag FULL of fabrics scraps! Wow it was chocked full of scraps!