Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday doings

Today was a bit of a "clean up the loose ends" sort of day. It started with a trip to Starbucks, followed by the grocery store, and then on to Joe's (just now learned it's not G.I. Joe's anymore), an outdoor and sporting goods store here in the northwest.

Did you know that tackle boxes make great containers for keeping sewing supplies? And are much less expensive than similar items designed for quilters? I think I may be one of the last quilters around to figure this out - thanks Eileen! What I needed was a way to store all the colors of DMC machine embroidery thread I've been collecting for appliqué - both hand and machine. Not only did I find the perfect boxes - they were also on sale! Yesterday I bought three at $1 off each one, and then got another for free because I bought three. They worked so well that I had to return for four more today. I can now find any color I want very easily, and all the boxes together take up just over 50% of the shelf space of the baskets I was using. I filled five of them with DMC, and another two with all my hand quilting thread. That left an extra for general sewing thread - perfect! If you are looking for inexpensive storage for sewing supplies I suggest you check the local sportman's store.

Once I finished organizing thread I decided to work on the final crumb chaos blocks. I had 10 left over from the six quilt tops I made so decided to turn them into a doll quilt for a special little friend. This friend has a doll named Gigi that she adores, and Gigi has no quilt. I threw together a couple more blocks from scraps, added borders from the strip bins, and the result will be a great little doll quilt for Gigi.

And that is the end of the Crumb Chaos blocks! At least this time around.

Stay tuned - I'm running a little behind on the drawing - I'll be determining the winner within the next hour or so. So come back soon for the announcement.


1. A strong organizational gene
2. Retirement!
3. Cotton fabric scraps
4. Starbucks new sugar free skinny mocha - a grande is only 130 calories!


Beth said...

Good job on all the organizing! I'm still waiting (im)patiently for my husband to install my garage organizer..THEN I can take the closet doors off! I have discovered Starbucks skinny cinnamon dolce latte. The tall is only 90 calories. YUM!

Jen said... have got a LOT of thread that is the same shape and size!!

I've got so many different brands & sizes that I'm not having luck finding a good solution.

Leslie said...

Looking at Gigi's quilt brought a chuckle... you and I have such a similar scrap collection, it's like looking at a quilt I could've made! I have that one and that one and that one... oh and that one only in blue, etc. :D

Betty J in OKC said...

I wish you could share your strong organizational gene with me. I *really* need it re: my quilting, housework, life. LOL!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the tip! I love that DMC thread - this is a great idea!

andsewitis Holly said...

Maybe you are one of the last to learn about tackle box usage for quilty things but not *the* last because I just heard about it here on your blog today! What a great idea. I just might mosey over to Joes and have a peek in the fishing department :)

Sweet P said...

Wow! I love those tackle boxes. A wonderful way to store thread. Once I get into my new condo I can't wait to start organizing.

Tanya said...

Look at all your thread! I wish I had a collection like that! And the boxes are a grand idea!