Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dealing with Scraps

No, you are not experiencing deja vu. Yes, these pictures look very much like some I posted last year. Almost exactly the same. Yet these are new pictures.
Last year Cher and I met several times here at my house to tackle our scraps and bring them under control. I had two huge boxes of scraps at that time. After several cutting sessions I was down to only one box - a huge milestone for me! Since this resulted in various strip and square bins overflowing I called a halt to the scrap trimming until I used up enough of them to make room for more.
Yesterday Cher and I once again spent time together. Cher was sorting donated fabric for wrap them in love and I tackled my second scrap bin. I'd removed about 25% of the scraps on Friday night and pressed them all so they'd be ready for trimming. Of course that way way to many to finish in one afternoon session, so I continued to cut last night and today. I finished the trimming a short time ago and got all the strips, squares and triangles put away into their appropriate drawers and bins. What a great feeling! I figure I'm now 25% of the way toward achieving goal number two. Note my string box is now back to overflowing thanks to this trimming. A good thing because the color selection was getting limited and it needed a goodly dose of strips of other colors. There were also a significant number of crumbs added to the crumb drawer - argh! I don't think I'll ever get through all of those.
Time now to get back to working on UFO's. I hope to have at least two more finished projects to show you in the next few days.


1. Weight Watchers English Toffee ice cream bars
2. A coffee date this morning with both Rebecca and Rick
3. A new longarm DVD that I am loving and learning from
4. The last tiny orange from the holiday season
5. Playing ball with Shadow


Sweet P said...

I'm curious - at what point do you consider a piece of fabric a scrap and what is your method for cutting them up?

Dawn said...

Ahhh but what a good feeling doing thing with those scraps! Even if it is only cutting and organizing!

Kristie said...

Wow! You have been very busy! I have the same question as "sweet p" what do you consider a scrap and how do you cut them? I am not that organized at all. I'm jealous!!! :)

Libby said...

I'm going to soon be following in your footsteps. By summer The Princess will be home with us temporarily which means I have to give her back her closet *yikes* Before that time, I must organize myself in such a fashion that we can live here and I can still sew. I think if I organize my scraps to use up and just store the other stuff I can be happy . . . if Libby's happy - everyone is happy *s*

Judy said...

You are truly the queen of scrap cutting!! I've tried to follow in your footsteps...I have the boxes, they are labeled and I just need to get cutting! But I'm doing some 30's string right now, so it's getting done!

great job!

Kathy said...

Wow, the piles of cut pieces sure look way more inspiring to me than an overflowing scrap bin (like mine)! Great job! That is wonderful! Kathy at

McIrish Annie said...

I admire your determination. I have gone through just a tee-tiny bit of my scraps. I'm hoping to get them all cut up in 2008. Some of the fabrics in your picture look awfully familiar to me!LOL. early 80's i'm thinking!! I'm heading to a quilt retreat this weekend and my strings are coming with me! good job, you are an inspiration.

Jen said...

I'm beginning to wonder if what I consider scraps is what other people consider yardage! Anything under a 1/2 yard if it's not a fat quarter is sorted into the scraps.

I just blogged this morning about a scrap cutting party being a good idea and here you're already doing it and it sounds like it's a success.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. I've recently become the charity chairperson for our guild..and VP too. Last summer when we began getting leftovers from the dead quilters society, I started cutting them into squares, strips and strings so we could use them. I was told to stop as we already had too many so my idea was to USE them. I've now made 3 of your crumb quilts, 3 different nickel patterns and 2 string quilts as samples for others and I haven't even dented the box of squares (like you there are always some usable pieces to be salvaged LOL). My question is what's the new DVD? and by whom?

Shari in AZ

cher said...

It was a short but productive time together, thanks!

Helen in the UK said...

How fun to have a quilting friend to come over and cut scraps with you :)