Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stash report - better late than never

I'm either very late with last week's stash report or very early with the report due next Sunday. I supposed I could wait until next Sunday, but I'm guessing by then I might forget again to make my report.

I really didn't do very well with my stash busting efforts this past week and a half. I did use a lot of fabric - I cut up all the flannels in my stash into squares for making backs for crumb chaos camping quilts. I had a lot of flannel - I have no idea how much other than to report that the stack of larger pieces was about 12" tall and the stack of fat quarters wasabout 10" tall. I used my larger square rulers and cut 20 1/2", 18 1/2" and 16 1/2" squares. I cut the smaller pieces into rectangles - 2 1/2" x 20 1/2", 4 1/2" x 20 1/2", etc. - which I sewed onto the smaller square to bring them all up to the 20 1/2" square measurement. I didn't realize just how much flannel I had until I finished piecing the back for Rick and Rebecca's camping quilt. That back hardly made a dent in the stash. I should have enough more to back several of the other crumb chaos quilts. I'm glad to use up that flannel - I bought it many years ago and never used it for the original purpose.

It's a good thing I busted that flannel for quilt backs as I also brought a considerable amount of fabric into the house. I'm such a sucker for the new reproduction collections - especially those designed by Judie Rothermel. Her
Merrimack collection of fat quarters arrived at my house at the beginning of the week - love these fabrics! Then half yards of her new 19th Century Backgrounds arrived yesterday. That makes 7 yards of background prints and 7 3/4 yards of the Merrimack collection for a total of almost 15 yards.

I'm going to guess that I busted more than 15 yards of flannel - surely it was at least that much! - so that makes for a new loss. Not much of a loss however!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

So, you got rid of stash.... and you got more stash...sounds like every diet i have ever been on to me-and if it took you much longer to get rid of it than to get it back then it really sounds like my diets!!!
Love the usual...and the dog's crunb chaos quilt! Tracey

Kathie said...

oh and today they have a 10 percent sale :)
need more ?

Dawn said...

Oh I love those repro ones too! And like Kathie I was so tempted to buy them all. But I was good and only got about 6 yards.

cher said...

well, finally tracked you down and made the switch to your new blog :-)
Glad to see what you have been busy doing! glad you are enjoying your retirement.

Debi said...

Great job on your stash busting. Come visit my blog for my latest giveaway.

Marcie said...

Nice going on your stash busting AND your new purchases are wonderful! I am longing for them too!