Thursday, August 15, 2013

The answer is six . . . until the blocks change to 4x4

I've not yet figured out how many are possible with a 16-piece block.  I know it is at least 12, but I'm guessing there might be more than that.  Thanks to EQ I have lots of different colorations planned.  Now to decide which 6 to use for my blocks.

I've started a new block of the month I purchased several years ago.  Each installment came with 3 fat quarters of fabric.  Each pattern presents a block with three possible colorations using the three fabrics.  Three of each of the blocks makes a nice wall hanging.  The patterns go on to challenge the quilter to explore other color arrangements using the same three fabrics.  I'm making 6 blocks each month, which will give me a large queen size quilt.

I'm having lots of fun playing with changing colorations. They can really change the look of a block to the point where it is hard to realize it is the same block.  I've been finishing six blocks a day, so I should get this top finished quickly.

Playing with blocks is so much fun!

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Raewyn said...

Very inspiring! I love to play with blocks and colour like this too. Have fun!