Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to tell if you are a "no reply reader".

 A commenter asked me how to tell if she is a "no reply reader" (which she is).  If you leave comments and bloggers don't reply then it is likely your email address is unavailable to the blogger.

I love the back and forth conversation that can be created by answering a comment left on my blog.  I am always sad when someone leaves a comment that I can't reply to because they are a "no reply reader".  I'm discovering many people don't know that they are "no reply".  I'm hoping this will allow you all to fix this.

1. Go to Blogger and sign in if necessary.  In the upper right corner of your screen find your name.

2. Click on your name and choose "profile", then edit profile.

3. The second item under "Privacy" says "show my email address".  If there is no check in the box then you are a "no reply reader".  To change this simply check the box.

When you create a blogger profile the default is "no reply".  You must check the box to change this.


 Kathryn Knox

Marti M

 Marsha B

I Carolyn Ghearing

Sharon Hughson

(Once again, I'm not yelling - I just want to make sure you check to see if your name is listed.)


Judy said...

Thanks for the tutorial!

MarshaB said...

Thanks for the help. I updated my profile.

Marti M said...

Thank you, I changed my profile. I did not know how, so thank you for the information!!!!!

Celia Ambrose said...

I do not have a blog of my own. I have to use Google to make comments. It does not show how to take the steps you outlined. On some blogs, I get replies, and other blogs, no reply. That is ok. I just can't make the Google acct. work so I am not a no reply person.

Sharon Hughson said...

Thanks for letting me know I was no reply. I tried to change it, but the directions did not match my blog profile. I'm lame with technology. Anyway here is my email addy:
I'll keep at it, but so far no success.8-(

Sharon Hughson said...

I just tried again and it says 'shared publically'. I don't know if that matters.8-(

Sharon Hughson said...

Can you let me know if I am still no reply? I changed several things. TIA

Sandy said...

Kudos to you for providing this info. The same thing happened to me when I first started my blog. No one found me, and no one answered my comments. Which made me so sad! Thankfully someone clued me in, and I got with the program.

Happy Quilting!

Anonymous said...

I am not a blogger so there is no "box" to check. I make comments through a Google Account. Do you have any thoughts on how that works as no reply? Thanks