Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Remember this picture?

Here is what my scrap fabrics looked like on June 8th (see the last picture on this post).  Here is what they look like today.

Don't bother looking for a change - there isn't any, except for the large scrap of Schnibble border fabric I added to the top.  I am so ready to have this pile of ironed fabrics gone and my cutting table back.  There is only one way to achieve that.

It is time to put my applique paraphernalia back into the basket and start cutting pieces for more of these.

I'm more than ready to start creating something myself rather than following someone else's pattern.


Sandy said...

Be brave, Patti! Have you been reading Audrey's posts on finding your creativity? If not, go there now!http://quiltyfolk.blogspot.com/
and good luck!

sewkalico said...

Your shoo fly blocks look great!

cityquilter grace said...

love that snapware for storing applique stuff....works great!