Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Some quilting during the tour

I still have so much to do this week, but none of it can be done while I watch each day's Tour de France.  So I'm allowing myself to sit in the sewing room working while I watch.  Still completing applique prep.

Notice that very long list of Brazen HSY's on my left sidebar?  For several years all I've done is add to that list  Now you see something you've never seen before - 7 of  those have been started thanks to prepping applique for hot summer hand sewing.  I'm thrilled to be able to cross things off that list.  I chose to cross them off rather than eliminate them entirely as I don't feel like renumbering them all LOL!

Tonight I'll post pictures of what I accomplish today.

(FYI - a "HSY" is a project for which I have all the materials but I "haven't started yet".  A "Brazen HSY" is a HSY that is more than a year old.  Almost every HSY I have is Brazen!)

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