Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tour de Fibre - days 7 and 8

I'm not sure why I didn't post yesterday - I certainly had plenty of time to do so.  In the morning we took our trailer to the dealer to have a few little things taken care of before our next camping trip, which is coming up very quickly.  This one will be lots of fun, as it is with all our kids and grandkids.  It is also just over 90 minutes away, so doesn't involve a lot of driving for a change.

With the cooler temperatures I was able to have the irons turned on all day.  I continued my applique prep - this time turning under the edges of  pieces for two different quilts and getting all the pieces basted into place.  I took some pictures but can't post them at the moment, so I'll do that later this evening.  I'm feeling very virtuous getting this done, and will have plenty of handwork ready for the next heat wave, which looks like it will be fairly soon (unfortunately!) None of these quilts will take that long to finish after they are prepared, so I am all set for lots more finishes in 2013.

Today we are celebrating our daughter Rebecca's 39th birthday.  I can't possibly have a child that is 39!!!!  Where have the years gone?  Her birthday was actually June 24th, but this was the first day everyone could get together.  Turns out it won't be everyone, however, as our DIL Chelsea will be staying home with our middle granddaughter Lily, who has had a virus all week.  I sure hope everyone is healthy by camping time!  I know Rebecca will choose to go to Vancouver Pizza for dinner, so at least I don't have too cook.  That is a good thing!

After today I need to focus on sewing other than quilting.  The king-size sheets I bought for the tent trailer are too big, as the mattresses are somewhat smaller than king size, but too big for queen size sheets.  Fred brought one of the mattresses into the house, which is currently laying in the middle of the living room floor.  I have two sets of sheets to alter so they fit well before the next camping trip.  I also have three sun dresses to make for our granddaughters - I need to get those done before the summer is over LOL!  I will shoot to have them done this next week so they can wear them during the camping trip.

I also need to clean out both the refrigerator and freezer.  And do a bunch of meal planning and grocery shopping.  I've been putting both off for WAY to long, as handwork is so much more pleasant.

We need to head out to the party now.  I'll post pictures tonight.

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Julierose said...

WOW--you ARE a busy girl!! I envy your preppped applique--still have issues with it...I have begun paper piecing--and am liking it a lot. I hope your family camping trip is really great--this post block is black and I cannot see what I am typing--so excuse any mistakes..Hugs Julierose--I can't wait to get my new computer!!!!