Sunday, July 28, 2013

What is wrong with this picture?

UPDATE:  I cut single-fold binding instead of double-fold.  This left enough fabric to make new corners of the right size.  Hooray!

The applique on this little quilt is all basted.  When I want an applique project fast - i.e. a last minute grab before going camping - all I need to do is pull this out of the "prepared tub.  I can do the stitching, sew it together, and have a finished top in no time.

Or so the theory goes.  If you look closely, you can see there is something very wrong with this picture.

Can you see it?  Look closely at the corner half square triangles.  Now do you see it?

The side and bottom borders are cut to size with a 1/4" seam allowance all around each one.  The corner half square triangles were made from squares cut 1/4" wider in both directions than what the pattern called for so I could trim them to size.  They have not yet been trimmed.

And they are too small.  The pattern is incorrect.  I've done enough quilts by this designer that I know I should always double check her math.  Several of her patterns have given incorrect sizes to cut a border or an applique block background.  This is the the first time I've found an incorrect measurement for a part of a pieced block.  Why didn't I realize that if the borders are 4 1/2" wide, then the squares cut for half square triangles should be cut at 4 7/8 instead of 4 3/8".  Mine were cut at 4 5/8" and are still too small - they should have been cut at 5 1/8" to allow for trimming.

Right now I don't know what I'm going to do about this.  As this was a kit, my remaining fabric is limited.  I think there is enough to cut new squares, but I'm not at all sure that will leave enough for the binding.

I am definitely done with buying kits for many reasons, and this is one of them.  So far one kit is missing the border fabric completely, another is missing the small wooden "button" for an eye, and another was missing something else (I can't remember what).  I love this designer's patterns, and don't understand why she can't have someone else double check her math.  I emailed her office about the missing border fabric, and was told it would be sent right away.  That was on July 2nd.  It hasn't arrived.  I sent a follow-up email last week and received no answer.  I call and all I get is a ringing phone - no voice mail so I can leave a message, and no one to answer a phone.  I've called at least 10 times on different days and at different times, and all I get is ringing.

So no more kits for me.  By anyone!  I need to use the fabric on my shelves.  If I can't get a pattern without getting a kit then I don't need to make the quilt.

OK - rant over.


JoAnne said...

I think I would trim down everything to the same size as the corner pieces. You would have to take off the sides and bottom applique pieces to shave a bit off each side, but I think it looks like it can be done. The piece will be a bit smaller so if it fits in a larger piece, that will be an issue.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Sorry but I don't have any of that fabric. But if you think you could find another green or blue that would go, you could use the new fabric for binding?

Carol said...

Oh that is so frustrating...I have the blue piece and would be happy to send it to you...send me a pic of the light I may have it too...

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I am sorry you are having such troubles with the kit. Fortunately all the kits I have purchased have had ample fabrics. I hope they get back to you soon and yes, I wouldn't buy from them anymore either.