Sunday, June 2, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday

I took time to make one more Civil War Diary block this morning, and then switched my focus to shoo fly blocks.  Remember this picture?

This is what these squares and triangles look like now.  One finished block and 51 almost finished blocks.  All that is needed are the two crosswise seams in each block and then a good pressing.

I should have gotten at least another 20 blocks from these scraps, but I ran out of pairings.  Squares left with no triangles to match, and vice versa.  Sets of  three triangle squares instead of four.  Now the remainders are residing in the totes for 2 1/2" half-square triangle squares and 2 1/2" triangles.  No worries - there are certainly plenty of scraps left in the basket for dozens more blocks.


Kim said...

Having the pieces cut sure made making the blocks go quicker, didn't it? How many more blocks do you need?

Raewyn said...

Great progress!! You should have enough for a quilt top in no time!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Congratulations, you managed to get quite a few lovely blocks finished!

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I love the picture of all of the pieces cut and ready to go... your blocks look beautiful.