Monday, June 17, 2013

Quilting progress

Before I started playing with EQ7, I was cutting 30's prints for more baskets.  We tend to think of quilting as a sedentary activity, but when one is rotary cutting, piecing, and pressing, there is much getting up and down, prolonged standing, and walking back and forth between the machine and the pressing station.  My machine and pressing station are about 7 feet apart, and often the only exercise I get is walking back and forth during a marathon piecing session.

Wednesday afternoon I received cortisone shots in both knees for arthritis, which means I was to stay off my feet as much as possible for three days.  Once the three days are past I'm still supposed to eliminate any unnecessary walking and/or prolonged standing for 3-4 weeks.  In my mind that means I can't spend much time piecing or rotary cutting if I want the shots to have the best effect.

So, since Wednesday afternoon I've been hand quilting.  I've finished two tops, and am ready to start a third.  Here are pictures of what I've done.


For once the quilting shows up quite well in the pictures, especially when enlarged.  I'll wait a bit before binding them, as that will involve two or three trips up and down the stairs plus what at this time I'd call unnecessary walking and standing.  After all, I have quite a few more tops basted and ready for quilting.  That's what I'll be doing the next few days at least.


Sandy said...

How totally sweet your little quilts are.. I love them!

Good luck with your knees. At least you can continue "working" via your hand quilting. Which is lovely, btw.

Maureen said...

Beautiful quilts and beautiful quilting. Take care of yourself, you will be up and about and feeling much better if you follow directions. Not much fun, but true.

sewkalico said...

Love your quilts! Hope you're knees get better soon. Cortisone shots do not sound nice at all :(

Wendy said...

Oh my I do like how you quilted these little gems.