Saturday, June 1, 2013

Death Penalty

3-1:  Death Penalty
Another very interesting block.  I've gotten much faster at piecing these, because I'm cutting out all the pieces before I start sewing.  This one took awhile but wasn't difficult, until I got to the last seams.  There is a great deal of bulk at those four points where the striped triangles touch each other.  Between lots of steam and a good blocking I've managed to conquer that bulk at last.

I made five blocks from this row in 2008, and this makes six, so I have only five more blocks to make before finishing row three.  They will have to wait until tomorrow evening, because I'm focusing on shoo fly blocks tomorrow for Scrap Basket Sunday.


Teresa said...

Interesting name for that block. It reminds me of a mosaic floor tile you would see in some majestic building. Very nice selection of colors and fabrics.

cityquilter grace said...

appreciate the tips you are giving with these blocks. i had sorta forgotten about mine until i saw your posts, but you are giving me inspiration and the jolt i need to continue is a lovely project for sure