Saturday, June 1, 2013


2-11:  Foragers
An interesting block.  Looking at it, you'd think it would be an easy block to make with straight piecing, as it consists of half - and quarter-square triangles and nothing else.  Here's the catch.  The hypotenuse (long side) of each triangle measures 2" finished.  That means the two shorter sides finish at 1.41" - certainly not a measurement we find on our rulers.  That means paper piecing, which means this took a long time.  Eight sections!  That makes it very difficult to press it nice and flat during construction, so this block most definitely needed blocking.  Here you see it pinned inside the 6 1/2" square I've drawn on my ironing surface.  I didn't even try to press his as it is held with so many pins.  I just spritzed it well with water and am letting it dry on its own.

Somehow I managed to reverse the lights and darks compared to how the block looks in the book.  Not sure how that happened, but it is OK as far as I'm concerned.  I'm certainly not doing this one again!

Our grandson has a 5:00 t-ball game so I'll be away from the machine for awhile.  I won't have to worry about dinner - Subway sandwiches go easily to the game.  This evening I'll sew the second row together.  Now it is time I need to make a decision about the cornerstones. 

I love the poison green fabric I used in this block.  I've had this piece a LONG time, and all I've left is a fat 1/8 yard.  I have lots of other greens in my stash, but next to nothing that is this fabulous poison green.  Even fabrics that were called "poison green" when they came out.  I need to start scouting for this color again, as I want to use it a lot more.  In the meantime I've been hoarding this piece, cutting a few pieces from it now and then but no quilt getting more that a little. 

If any of you know of a line currently available that includes one or more prints this color please let me know. 

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