Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It is simply amazing!

A foundation block goes together so easily when one cuts all the pieces large enough!  Since I will never use my stash in my lifetime, I need to stop worrying about conserving 1/4" cuts of fabric when they make all the difference in ease of construction.

3-9:  Beginning of War
This definitely needed blocking to flatten out all those little seams and stretch to equal a 6 1/2" block.


Rosemary Youngs said...

I agree with you, I hate to Waste fabrics, I do have a scrap bag but I learned early that if I try to cut a piece almost exact, it never fits and then I have to cut another piece So I ended up wasting more fabric So now I always cut pieces bigger.

regan said...

Yep! I was just the same way, trying to not waste a smidge of any of it.....then realized it was so much easier to give it all some wiggle room! And you're right.....we'll never be able to use up our stash....might as well make it easier now! :o)