Monday, June 17, 2013

Do you EQ?

I wanted Electric Quilt for years before I finally bought it.  Our computers were always Apple products, and an Apple version has never been written.  Finally, after our kids graduated from college, we switched to a PC and I got my wish.  That was EQ4 in the mid- to late-1990's.  Since then I've bought each upgrade.  However, I never managed to stop sewing long enough to learn how to use it.

When I started keeping this blog and making yearly quilting goals I decided to make mastering this software one of my goals for the year.  By then EQ6 was the latest version.  I followed through and started working with the program.  It was an invaluable resource when I started Civil War Diary and Civil War Love Letters, as it allowed me to print foundation papers for the blocks in the books.  However, I didn't use it to design quilts I actually made.

And then I started to knit.  And hand spin.  And quilting faded into the background of my life for almost three years.  I stopped using the software and forgot most of what I'd learned.

Now that I'm back to quilting, I decided to upgrade to the newest version.   It arrived in the mail about 10 days ago.  I sat down at the computer, loaded the software and started playing.  I discovered many lessons to help one learn, and many demonstration videos were included.  I immersed myself in learning.  And I'm still learning.  I've been having a great time, with only one problem.  Doing this gave me nothing to blog about.  Which is why I've been MIA.

And now you know the rest of the story.

I would love your comments telling me how you like to use this software.  Do you just play for inspiration, or do you design quilts that are eventually made?  If you design a quilt, do you  plan it down to the last detail by "coloring" it with the fabrics you will use?  Do you scan your own fabrics to use in the software?  What else do you do with it?  Curious minds want to know.


cityquilter grace said...

i haven't bought it but have used it some...mostly to get paper piecing patterns from blocks in the library...i make a lot of 6" blocks and can get the patterns i want in foundation mode...i don't have time or inclination to design, plenty do which saves me time and $$....LOL

Maureen said...

I don't have Q, but I have thought about it over the years. I am afraid I would spend too much time playing with it, and not get as much piecing done.
Good for you learning all there is to learn about it. A good time to do so when you are sitting around.

Maureen said...

Oops, that was supposed to be EQ,

Teresa said...

I use it for all those things. I love to design my own quilts, but sometimes I will create a quilt I. EQ that I have the pattern for, just to play with different color combinations. It s also great for making paper piecing patterns. Good luck, hope you learn to love it as I do

Kelly Grace said...

I've been using EQ since version 5 and I love it! When I find quilts I like in magazines, online, etc I try and recreate them in EQ just for practice. I have made many quilts from what I've designed in EQ, and love playing with the colors. I have scanned fabrics and imported them, you can also download them online and import them into your library. I have taught a few classes at our local library too.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I bought EQ6 just before 7 came out, but I never learned how to use it :-( I'm not very computer savvy, so it is a real challenge for me.

Raewyn said...

I have EQ7 and love it; I use it to play with ideas, draft up blocks and so on. Haven't really used it for anything serious yet but am enjoying how to use it. If you have time, going to the EQ blog and following tutorials etc is really helpful - which I must do more of! Also they have a current series on giving tutorials for drawing up a block and linking up with it at the end of the month.