Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Success at last!

I came home tonight from quilt group to find my daughter making the final tests on our computer. We are back up and running! Turns out the motherboard they sent last week WAS a dud - the one that came today did the trick. Sure feels good to be in touch with my quilty friends around the world once more. My husband laughed and said "no more sleeping in for you now!"


1. A working computer!
2. Pink strawberry cake from JaCiva's for a quilty friend's birthday
3. Tangled Threads friends
4. Excellent technical support for my longarm
5. A check to deposit into my business account for my first quilting job of the year



Quilts And Pieces said...

YES! Back up and working! I"ll expect lots to catch up from you when I get back!!!!!

Sharon said...


Finn said...

Way to go Patti, a working computer, pink cake and a check...wow! Life doesn't get better than that!!

Suzie said...

Thank you for the gratitudes. We all need to "stop and smell the roses."

Linda_J said...

Good to have you officially back, Patti. Laughing about the "no more sleeping in" part. He knows you too well.

tami said...

Welcome back! :c)

Mary said...

Isn't it great to be back up and running. I've had computer problems on and off for the last week or so and it's very frustrating to have to take the time to get everything fixed.
Everything has to wait when I have computer problems until I'm back up and running.

Cher said...

Patti, my trick to having a down computer is: I have a back up tower. Next time you upgrade, you might consider doing that. It may be slow, but, keeps you in the loop! hurray to having you back on a regular-on your own time basis. I would rather lose sleep too and visit with my online friends :-)