Sunday, April 2, 2006

Spring is springing!

I love spring - it's my second most favorite season. Autumn is my favorite season - I guess I just like change. Seeing everything wake up - all the pale yellow-green new leaves and trees bursting into blossom everywhere. My front yard is now blooming with daffodils, grape hyacinth and windflowers. The tulips are ready to burst open any minute. Blossoms on our crab apple are just starting to open. Soon the cherry and apple trees will bear flowers in preparation for later fruit, and the pink dogwood will be a sight to behold. Spring colors always make me think of quilts. I want to dig out my spring colored fabrics and play to my heart's content. I need to do other things however, so I'll just leave you with pictures of two spring-like quilts I did years ago.

The other thing I love about spring is baseball! My Seattle Mariners play their first game today - I can hardly wait! I've been addicted to baseball since 1995 - before that I thought it was boring! Then the Mariners started to win. I'm not a fair weather fan - I still watch even though they aren't winning 116 games a year - but I sure hope they don't lose 90+ games like they have the last two years!


The Calico Cat said...

Pretty quilts, does the top one say, "Tickle the Earth with an hoe and she laughs with a harvest"? Is that quilted in?

Quilts And Pieces said...

I've always loved your little tickle quilt. Even though I'm not a gardener nor much into "spring" but taht one is so cute!

Linda_J said...

Very nice quilts and so very different in flavor--one primitive, folk arty and the other, more sophisticated. Even the spring applique has a fall feel with the fabric pallette.

ForestJane said...

I love the one on the bottom with the stars. :)

I had to click on it and see it closer. The little gingham triangles really add a lot to the spring flavor of it! I'm not really a big floral fabric fan, but yours works - I like it because all the fabrics tie into the colors, yet it still looks scrappy with that border.

I was once emphatically told by the quilt police that if I wasn't doing a 2 color quilt, I "HAD" to pick a large floral as my main fabric then choose 5 fabrics from that for a well coordinated quilt. And that I should even use the color dots on the selvage to pick my 5... lol. Needless to say, I've never used a big floral print! I can be stubborn, I guess.

Brit said...

That tickle the earth quilt is great.. I love the folksy feel!