Monday, April 10, 2006

Just a quick post

We had a wonderful weekend with our kids, even though the baseball left a great deal to be desired. Wouldn't you know it - the team forgot how to hit and score between last week's games and the games of this past weekend. I love spending time with our kids every chance we get.

I took lots of pictures at our quilt show, but haven't gotten them off the camera and sorted and labeled. I hope to be able to do that tonight. In the meantime, here are pictures taken by another of our members. I find it really interesting comparing pictures. She didn't take pictures of some of the quilts I liked the best, and some of the quilts she photographed didn't appeal to me at all. How great it is that we can all share this love for quiltmaking, even when we all make completely different style quilts.


ForestJane said...

Beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing these pictures with us!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh thanks for the webshots link! I had such a great time looking through the pictures!