Monday, April 24, 2006

A new week

We had a beautiful sunny weekend, and today is more of the same. The new motherboard arrives today, so I'm crossing my fingers that it solves the computer problems when my daughter installs it in our tower tonight.

I would have loved to have been outside in the garden this weekend, but instead I was a good girl. I quilted the customer quilt that's been on my machine for quite some time. Took almost a whole day, but it is done! I have one more customer quilt left that will go on the machine tonight. I'm really hoping for a long span of time without any customer quilts so I can get a bunch of my own tops done. By the time I finish all the tops I have ready I should feel much more capable with my machine.


1. A finished customer quilt
2. A good job that pays for my fabric habit
3. A new pedicure
4. A business casual day at work
5. Baked cheetos


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