Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sore all over

Just a very short post - I need to get ready for work quickly and get going out the door. I did manage to quilt about 3/4 of Sophie's Stars in the last couple days. I like how it is looking!

Yesterday I started to feel the effects of my fall. I hurt all over - buns, shoulders, head and particularly all around my neck. Today I seem to be a little better but I'll reserve judgement for after I've been up at at work for awhile. If need be I'll call the chiropractor for an app't tomorrow morning - she's already told me she has an opening.

We didn't get below freezing last night and the roads are clearing, but many places must still be really bad because all the county schools are still closed. My husband is ticked - he hates to have to make up snow days in June!

1. Hot coffee with flavored coffee creamer
2. Peanut butter and chocolate chip breakfast bars
3. A rousing game of Hand and Foot with the kids - and the girls won!
4. A tasty dinner at Applebee's last night
5. Coffee with Kahlua and whipped cream
Oh dear - lots of gratitudes about food - I need to get back to my Weight Watchers!


McIrish Annie said...

We are expecting our first snow today or tomorrow. Of course, it's the BIG NEWS!! I don't work tomorrow so hope it holds off til then.

Sorry to hear about your fall! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Suzanne Earley said...

Oh Patti --

I had a fall that sounds a lot like yours almost exactly a year ago. Flat on my back, conked the back of my head -- knocked the wind out of me. That was the scariest part. I did go see my chiro right away (and then every day for several days). He helped a lot.

Take care of yourself! I hope you feel better soon!

Jeanne said...

Haha -- I used to have LOTS of food grats, too, so now I only allow myself one per day! :)
Take care of those bumps and aches.

Pam said...

It always seems to take a few days to feel the full effect of the bruises from a fall. I hope you are not too badly injured and get better soon. Lots of Ibuprofen (my favourite medication) My other favourite medication is Aleve - which is NOT available to Canada.

Dawn said...

I"m kind of stiff just thinking about your fall!

Mary said...

I wasn't sore at all the day after my fall but I also woke up today really sore - I'm going to pop a couple Aleve and hope it relieves some of the pain!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

You poor thing, I usually say I'll swap you my 40 degree heat but that snow just sounds downright annoying AND dangerous.
catching up on your blog and LOVING all that new fabric, there are some great civil war ones around when I've been "surfing".
Good luck with the food gratitudes, in your weather how can you help to not be brightened by some yummy food!
Look after yourself, Tracey

Karen said...

Hi, Patti, what is Hand and Food (or is it supposed to Hand and Foot? doesn't matter, I still don't know what it is :-) ). What did you eat at Applebee's? One side effect of my dieting on Weight Watchers is that I want to hear details about the normal food people are eating. And I study restaurant menus online. Seems a strange hobby when I'm voluntarily starving myself lol.

Cheryl said...

Cannot wait to see your quilting on Sophie's Stars! Hope your soreness...departs.

cher said...

oh..keep taking something for those aches...hope Friday brings less soreness!

Carol said...

When you don't feel good though good food is just the comfort ...hmmm maybe that's how I put on that weight that I'm trying to get rid of now :) I can justify most anything about food if I work at it. Hope those aches move on. It is amazing how so many things hurt when you have a fall like of your body you didn't even know you had. Feel better quick!

KCQuilter said...

Oh, gosh, didn't get a chance to read blogs yesterday and didn't know about your fall. Hope you're not too sore! Take care.

Shelina said...

Oh dear, falling is no fun. I hope you told your employer - they should have salted the parking lot. Hope you get better soon.

Judy said...

Yikes, I can only imagine the aches and pains. If you can, soak in a nice hot tub or let the shower pound out some of the soreness.

Hope the aches don't stick around too long!

Laura said...

Patti -

I hope you are feeling better soon!