Thursday, January 11, 2007

More snow and only four to go

When we awoke this morning there wasn't any more snow that we had last night. Maybe an inch and the most. I just knew it wouldn't last, so I hung around home as long as possible before heading to work, but it still was pretty dark. I didn't let that stop me from running around taking a few more pictures. What is it about that white stuff that makes so many of us grown ups act just like children again?

I took the first two pictures about 7:00 this morning. The first is of our house. I had to take four before I held my breath enough that there wasn't cloudy breath obscuring half the picture! The second is our crabapple tree at the edge of the driveway. You can see some remaining pink from the sunrise to the east. I took the third about a half hour later when I got to work. It's from our second floor facing east. Beautiful Mt. Hood is rising in the distance just to the right of the larger tree in the middle of the picture. I hope you can see it if you enlarge the shot. Right now it's covered with snow so it's about the same color as the sky. The cloud is floating just above the mountain.

As expected, by the time I headed home from work just before 4:00 p.m. the snow was pretty much gone except in the shade and on the north side of the building. High for the day was 37 so the roads were almost all bare, but where trees shaded the road a lot there were still a few treacherous patches of ice. Tonight it's crystal clear and very cold; that's the weather we are expecting for the next few days. Looks like not much golf for my hubby this weekend either!

Cher stayed home in Portland tonight - I don't blame her - so I decided not to attend the big guild meeting. They were having a national speaker who makes beautiful quilts, but not anything I'd ever be interested in making. So I decided I'd rather stay home to see how much more progress I could make on Sophie's Stars. In spite of a few relapses into Quilters Dyslexia I still finished all of the blocks but the four in the center. Here you see them on the design wall. The center four blocks are like the other half-and-half blocks except there will be a soft green where the white is in the other blocks. I'm really liking how this is turning out! Tomorrow I should have no trouble finishing those last four blocks, and then I can start sewing them all together. My goal is to have this quilted by the end of the three day weekend, and hopefully have at least the machine stitching done on the binding also. Time will tell I guess. Saturday afternoon my daughter and I head into Beaverton - a suburb southwest of Portland, Oregon - for a baby shower for Chelsea. I may not get that much sewing done that day. I still have Sunday and Monday, but I also need to get the third Army quilt quilted. Lots to do - and I'll love every minute of it!

Now I really must head for bed - it's not the weekend yet and I must get up for work tomorrow a.m.

1. Recovery from Quilters Dyslexia
2. Finding some Peppermint Mocha Coffeemate at Fred Meyer - and on sale!
3. Old TV shows on DVD - more about this later
4. Feeling like a kid again running around in the snow
5. Special packages in the mail - more about these later too


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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

You've made great progress on your quilt in such a short amount of time!!! And - I just told my DH that I had to hurry back to the US to try out the new peppermint/mocha coffee creamer - and he laughed!