Sunday, January 7, 2007

Another pincushion

Thursday night was the meeting of my little guild - North Star Quilters. It's a very laid back group of women - much like a big quilting circle. We have a constitution and bylaws and run the meetings "loosely" based on Robert's Rules, but it's the most casual organized group I've ever seen. It's lots of fun and I've made some great new friends. This was my first meeting as president, and all went well. They didn't listen to me any better than they listened to the presidents before me LOL!

We have many talented quilters in the group - today I'm going to mention Kim. Kim has her own design company, and sells her patterns, hand dyed wools and more on her website. I guess you could say I'm affiliated - I know her through guild - but I want to post her website for any readers who love primitive. Kim has done several programs since I joined - including the one Thursday night. We had a speaker all arranged who pulled out Wednesday afternoon due to a family crisis, and Kim put together the program on short notice. We made these wonderful pincushions. Kim had the kits with the charm, wool heart, beads and pincushion fabric all cut to size. I love the valentine fabric and the cotton lace, both of which she aged with coffee. It's so much fun making up a kit of Kim's because her designs are easy and quick. My only problem is that my collection of pin cushions keeps growing! I need a place I can store them all.

1. The rest of the day to sew - first Sophie's Stars then upstairs to load a quilt onto the longarm
2. Diet pepsi
3. The energy to pick up the house today before starting to sew
4. A Seahawks win last night
5. Talented, creative fiber artists who willingly share with everyone



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your presidency Patti! Your guild sounds like a really nice group. I like small too, like the one I'm in. I don't know if I could ever be a part of something big like CCQ.

Our guild is having a guest speaker with a program on vintage aprons if you and your friends are interested (open to the public, $5 donation requested). It's kind of late notice (it's tomorrow). More info at

That would be so fun to meet you IRL if you came!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Your going to need a room just for pincushions! I checked out the guild website and there are some gorgeous quilts on there!

Anonymous said...

PS... Love your #4! Great game and exciting last minutes of the Seahawk's game last night!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Seahawks game was good! I love it when Dallas loses.

The pincushion is absolutely adorable! Do you use your pincushions for pins? Or for display only?

Anonymous said...

How fun to belong to a small guild - I keep hoping I'll come along one in my neighborhood. The pincushion is just darling and perfect timing if you need a Valentine gift.

Anonymous said...

what a gift to have someone who will happily pitch in at the last minute :-)

NancyA said...

Maybe I missed it, but did you post Kim's site? I'd like to look at it!

Anonymous said...

What a game! I knew you'd be a very happy girl!

Anonymous said...

lovely pincushion. Nice to hear that you enjoy the guild you attend. I attend two weekly Craft groups which i look forward to going to every week. I have to wait until the end of the month before they start up again for the year.