Friday, January 12, 2007

Center blocks

The last four blocks of Sophie's Stars are completed. I bet you weren't expecting this green! My daughter-in-law wanted me to fit green in somewhere, so I replaced the orchid in the pattern with the green. This fabric matched the paint chip she gave me as closely as possible I think - it's almost a perfect match. The green will also be used in the first border as well as the binding for the quilt. I really like how it looks - like a patch of spring violets.

This is the first chance I've had to use these Quilt Block Layout Tags that I found at our PINS retreat at Anna Lena's in Long Beach WA in fall of '05. The minute I saw them I figure they were a great aid for those of us with Quilter's Dyslexia. I made sure I put the label in the upper left hand corner of each block. These SHOULD prevent me from making any mistakes when I sew the blocks and rows together - time will tell!

1. A nice evening with our kids tonight
2. Met my today's goal for Sophie's quilt
3. A three day weekend ahead of me
4. An "all better" back which will be able to handle quilting a quilt or two this weekend
5. A warm house and quilts on the bed as it's now 17.8 degrees outside and sure to go much colder



Anonymous said...

Well done indeed Patti! Love the block labels - what a great idea! I made my own last time :) Good luck with putting the top together!

Anonymous said...

The green looks wonderful. Very woodsy! I love the tags. I have done lots of ripping out that would have been prevented by somethig like that. My first big quilt was a rainbow rail fence that reversed the pattern from one side to the other. What a nightmare to put together! The tags would have made all the difference.

Anonymous said...

what a great idea those layout tags are. I haven't anything like it here in Australia.

Sophie's quilt is coming along very nicely.

KCQuilter said...

That quilt just keeps getting gorgeous-er and gorgeous-er!!! I love the sweetness the green adds to it. Just perfect. And I have a set of those layout tags too. They sure came in handy when my mini-group was passing the parts of the opportunity quilt back and forth!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those layout tags are wonderful! they should help a great deal, especially as you've carfeully placed them in the same area of the block each time.

I love the green. I really like the purples too, but the green gives your eyes a "rest" from the purple, without "jumping". It's a lovely work that they will cherish.

Anonymous said...

Lilac and green is probably my all-time favourite colour combo so this has got ot be a winner with me (quite apart from the fact that hsts are my favourite patchwork shape). Those labels look neat, I usually have to make do with writing the numbers on masking tape and sticking them onto the blocks. Fiona

Anonymous said...

The quilt is just gorgeous. I know I say that everytime, but it's true.

The tags must be great. I use bits of scrap paper and old straight pins in an attempt to keep myself oranized. A new gadget or tool is always welcomed *s*

Anonymous said...

Your use of the green fabric chance the whole look of the is great...I love the contrasts.

Your tags sure beat post-it notes! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Sophie's quilt is just beautiful. I love those Row tags...I use them a lot because I can never keep things in the right order. Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this quilt, I keep going back to your blog and drooling over it. You have put so much work into it, it's stunning! I like the green in it too, it gives your eyes something to focus on.

I need some row tags, what a brilliant idea, I always sew them together wrong, I will be looking for those :)

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh it is looking so wonderful! I got those tags too! I love them! And good thinking about where you place them because I did find my turn around!