Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday - I am SO glad it is Friday

Wednesday night did not go below freezing, so by yesterday afternoon roads were basically clear of snow. They were wet, however, which wasn't a good thing because it DID get below freezing last night. I went in to work a bit late - still sleeping more due to my fall - so I was still home when my husband called from school to tell me it was raining and still below freezing. I watched for ice all the way to work but didn't see any and had no trouble driving.

By the time I got to work it had stopped raining and was above freezing - in fact the temperature had risen just above freezing when I left the house. I had to park on the far side of the employee lot in the last space available because I was the last here. The lot was still slushy and ugly looking, so I walked carefully. I'd gone about 4 steps past the cars when - can you believe this? - I slipped on ice again! This time I went down on my left "cheek", soaking my hip and pants leg all the way to my foot, plus my coat. I couldn't believe I'd done it again! At least this time I didn't fall as hard and didn't hit my head. I tried to stand up but it was so slick I couldn't, and I finally crawled on my hands and knees back to the cars so I had something to hold on to when I stood up. This time a member coming through drive-up saw me - they have to go through the employee lot to get to our drive-up window. She got out of her truck and came over to make sure I was OK, and was able to walk me across the ice on the lot to the employee entrance because she had good heavy outdoor boots with traction on her feet.

I still love snow, and love to see it fall, but I've certainly had enough dealing with ice to last a lifetime. Thank goodness I am seeing the chiropractor at 5:00 today. I sent an email to our facilities manager suggesting that it's past time to come up with a better way of dealing with parking lots in wintry weather like this. I've also had enough of sitting at work in pain, which is why I'm SO glad it's Friday.

Enough of my griping - I don't usually do this sort of thing. I just HATE being negative!

I finished quilting Sophie's Stars last night. Tonight I hope to get the binding machine stitched on. I'm heading north to Longview tomorrow with Fred to attend a retirement seminar, so I can take my hand stitching with me. Now that I've finished all my obligations other than making one small appliqué block, I'm really excited about choosing my next UFO project to work on. So many choices - how can one ever decide!

I laughed when I read the comment left by Karen on my last post - I guess I really do have food on my brain LOL! Yes Karen, I meant to type "Hand and Foot". This is a new card game Rick and Rebecca learned a few weeks ago that they taught us. I guess it's a variety of Canasta that uses 6 decks of cards. It's lots of fun, and we've played nothing else since they taught us. I googled "hand and foot" and "card game" and found several sites that list the rules - none of which are just like we play it. We stopped at Costco last night and one of the things we got was a box of 12 decks of playing cards so we can be all set to play it at our house also. It's a great two-person game also, so I figure Fred and I can play it - if I ever stop quilting and he stops watching TV long enough for us to do so LOL!

1.Surviving my second fall in three days with just bruises and soreness
2. Fridays
3. Warming temperatures
4. Gandalf, my longarm machine
5. Lots of boxes of scraps to play with this weekend



Susan said...

So good that you weren't hurt more! You would think they would put down salt or sand or something so employees could walk safely! How rude!

I'm glad you get some stitching time. A retirement seminar sounds great! Makes it sound like it's getting closer and becoming possible. I love being retired - was able to do it early, and haven't regretted it at all!

Norma said...

So sorry to hear about your falls. That ice was nasty. We shared in the pleasure up here as well. I am anxious to see how you quilted Sophie's quilt--be sure to show us pictures when you can.

Owens Family Adventures said...

Oh my goodness you poor thing!!!! I'm glad you weren't seriously hurt!! I'll bet your guardian angel is right now asking for a vacation heeheehee Take care of yourself!!

quiltpixie said...

glad this second fall wasn't more serious! Sounds like a pair of good winter boots with traction are on your Christmas list next year :-)

Carol said...

Bless your heart...can't wait to see Sophie's quilt.

Shelina said...

Oh wow, pain upon pain. So sorry for yet another fall. I think you should stage a protest and wear traction boots to work and at work until your boss gets the message and takes care of your parking lot.

I am so incredibly amazed that you are getting so much accomplished. Me, I'd be sitting down and whining like a baby.

rockhillprimitive said...

Patti, Go find a pair of Yaktrax walkers. You can slip them on over your shoes or boots for instant traction!

Nancy said...

Gosh Patti, I'm so glad you didn't break a hip or something, stay warm and safe, Nancy in freezing MT

Dawn said...

Oh Patti, I"m so sorry to hear about your second fall. This is not a good winter for you at all. Oh I wish I could learn to play hand and foot... that sounds like so much fun!

Fiona said...

Oh Patti, you poor thing! Did you have to sit in wet trousers all morning? It's one of those situations where I'd have felt like crying and going straight home. Apart from the bumps and bruises, slipping over like that always feels like such a shock to the system.

anne bebbington said...

You poor thing Patti - there's something incredibly embarrassing about falling when you're an adult - apart from the obvious discomfort. I can empathise totally as I detest snow and ice as I can go 'bottoms up' on flat going in wellington boots without any effort at all!

Cynthia said...

thank goodness you didn't hurt yourself seriously with this second fall.

Glad to hear that you have finished quilting Sophie's quilt. Look forward to hearing which UFO you'll be working on next.

Pam said...

Oh no, another fall. Hopefully you are alright -- ready for spring!!!??? I think so!

Good to hear you were still able to finish the quilt for Sophie.

Judy said...

I started reading and thought no way, she can't have fallen again! Oh no! Your bottom is going to be sore and possibly black and blue for weeks!

I suggest a walking stick and some heavy boots slipped over your stockings. Then change shoes once inside! Oh sit a rest this weekend. You are going to need it!

Tashi said...

I second the recommendation for yak trax. You can get them at REI or other outdoor stores - and they are a godsend on the ice here in Spokane! they are little metal coils on rubberized things that slip onto your shoes in seconds - you can keep them in your car or even your purse if it's big enough (they are about 4" x 5" by 1" when folded.

Vinda said...

Sorry to hear about your fall. I think the yak trax sound great & just recommended them to Gary. Today I heard that The Farmers' Almanac says we're to get another snowstorm in early Feb. & I guess the Almanac's forecasts have been very accurate for this winter.

Take care,

Patty said...

Oh falling is not fun. I am sick of ice but wouldn't mind a bit of snow.
Stay safe and stay off the ice

Sweet P said...

Ouch, ouch and double ouch! I hope your weekend went better and you had time to play with fabric.

Susan said...

Hand and Foot, huh. I grew up playing Canasta from the time I could hold that many cards. We still have rowndy "Nasty" games when we get together. Next time Nancy and I get together, we will have to try this one. After about 40 years of Canasta playing, we are about equally matched, so this could be the challenge we need! Nancy, if you are out there, get ready!!!!