Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The "S" word

Here in the Pacific Northwest we hardly ever hear the "S" word - at least along the west side of the mountains. Being in Vancouver we can get very cold east winds through the Columbia River gorge, but they are usually accompanied by crisp blue skies and cold temperatures. If by any chance they meet a moist low pressure system coming in from the ocean the precipitation almost always falls as freezing rain. Every winter I have "snow envy" of all my friends around the country who see the beautiful white stuff every winter. I can almost count on one hand the times we've had a good snow that lasted more than a couple hours in the almost 32 years we've lived in this house.

A couple January's ago we got such a snowfall - so bad that they even closed the credit union where I work for two days. We got 8-10
inches of snow, which was immediately followed by freezing rain. Of course my hubby always gets it off - as soon as the bad weather starts school is cancelled. I've posted a few pictures of that time. It's so rare I run around like a idiot snapping pictures to save for posterity. The bushes and trees were all covered with a thick layer of ice, and we had icicles 8-10" long hanging all around our roofline.

Well . . . the weather forecasters are using the "S" word now. Biggest chance is for Friday. I'll believe it when I see it. Often when snow is promised us nothing happens. But I've got my fingers crossed. You'll know if it actually happens - you'll be able to hear me singing and doing a happy dance. Unfortunately there will be plant damage if it gets really cold and stays for awhile, but it's highly unlikely that will happen. Our forsythia is bursting into bloom and the early crocus and snowdrops by the front walk have been blooming for a week. Most everyone around here hates snow - no one knows how to drive in it and with lots and lots of hills it makes getting around difficult. But I don't care - I'll shout it to the rooftops - I LOVE SNOW!


Linda_J said...

We have had crocuses our for about two weeks now and the daffodils, just came out early this week. Goofy camellia, out again too early this year for of course, we have had colder, unseasonable weather for several days including snow flurries. That does not happen often here in the NE central AL. Loved the pictures though you are welcome to all you want, LOL.

cindyquiltsOR said...

Patti ...
As I write, it is 28 degrees in Clackamas. (We are up late because my car tried to kill itself while I was at the VA today.)
I remember that snow storm, my youngest g'son was born premmie and I was sitting at the hospital a lot ... and the bus took me because no way was I driving up Pill Hill then.
As for buying fabric and having to prep it ... I am taking a break and only buying backs and borders for a bit.
Best wishes,

The Calico Cat said...

I love it when the plants get a coating of ice.... (O.K. I love to look at it, not be out in it.)

Quilts And Pieces said...

I know that ice stuff makes it hard for driving - but isn't it gorgeous on the plants and trees when the sun shines on it! It is like a fairy land!

Patty said...

Lucky you ! I am still waiting for snow. Yesterday was 73 but the weekend is going to be cold with some sort of stuff falling from the sky, they just don't know what it will be yet.

Laurie Ann said...

You need to move over to my side of the mountains! Yes, I love the snow too!

Flora said...

We've had really cold weather (17 degrees last night), but no snow yet! Please send some of it about three hours south, ok? (smile).