Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Just checking in to wish everyone a happy day filled with love and caring.

Tonight my little Tangled Threads quilt group is holding it's third annual "Valentine's Bunco Party" for our spouses. I need to come up with an appetizer. This is a group filled with gourmet cooks so we eat really, really well. I'm not at all creative in that department, and since I must work all day I think I'm going to fall back on spinach dip and chips. I'll let the others bring the baked brie in fillo dough, the roasted elephant garlic, and the lobster dip. See what I mean by eating well?

Still ironing fabrics. I need to get all the new Jo Morton fabrics ready for making the Little Women's Club quilts, as I got the first club installment in the mail on Saturday. It's a cute little flying geese doll-sized quilt with starts in the corner. And my Jane Austen fabrics need to be ready for the 19th century medallion class I'm staring on February 23. I'll say one thing - this has certainly cured me of buying fabrics for awhile!


Laura said...

I used to play Bunco with a group, we had such a great time. The snacks sound great. Have a great evening!

Lucy said...

Happy valentine to you to Patti,

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh Baby! Can I be your husband for tonight!!!! I'd love to eat like that!

Kathie said...

Good for you making it easy on yourself with working all day!
I am so excited about you taking this class, I can't wait to hear ALL About it....maybe you need to bring your video camera and tape it for us!
Have fun tonight